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Campaigns & Gamifications

Features for creating campaigns

The Campaign Builder features of Xoxoday Plum offers you campaign building tools to create highly effective campaigns in a matter of a few minutes

Contact Sales

Everything you do in Xoxoday Plum is data driven. You can keep track of your orders, invoices, redemptions, campaigns, program ROI and spends through the reports. The reports also gives lot of intelligence for one to see patterns in terms of program success, consumer preferences, demographics, spends, historical comparisons and more.

Millions of Choices to choose from

Impact Areas

Set milestones and goals
Rule engines for rewards
Custom domain name
Choose your own custom catalog
Reports that give you campaign ROI
Custom landing pages


Campaign Rule Engine

Campaigns can be defined using a permutation and combination of goals. These goals can come via third party integrations like a CRM/HRMS or can be uploaded through excels. Very simple to highly complex rule engines can be set up for automating the award based on these milestones. E.g. If your company wants to reward the customer care teams based on the CSAT, it can integrate with your ticketing system to automatically send the reward when the CSAT criteria is met.

  • Employee referral campaigns
  • Employee achievement campaigns
  • Festive campaigns
  • Customer promotion campaigns
  • Trade promotion campaigns
  • Milestone achievement campaigns

Campaign set-up

One organization can set-up multiple campaigns catering to different requirements at the same time. These campaigns can have custom sub domains to personalize the URLs. The campaigns can have their own landing pages with custom images, messages, etc. You can also choose the Xoxoday catalog options to hide or show in your campaign. E.g. If your company wants to promote wellness in the organization, it can choose options like showing only health and wellness and hide any other.

  • Points report
  • Voucher report
  • Plum Pro report
  • Invoice report
  • Redemption report