Consumer Promotions

Effortlessly run high yield
consumer promotion campaigns

The marketing / promotions heads have frequent requirements to run consumer promotions in order to stimulate product demand by creating/ building brand awareness.  Plum helps marketing managers run impactful consumer promotions that yield great program ROI and promotional lifts. Plum eases their marketing efforts, simplify their rewarding process via automation and generates reports that help derive valuable marketing insights.

Give The Employees What They Really Want

Employee rewarding comes with a challenge of exactly determining the appropriateness, affordability and favourability of a reward. Plum's easy rewarding platform is a perfect solution to this challenge, allowing your employees to choose their own rewards based on their unique interests.


Experiences are highly personal and stays with you for life. Xoxoday has integrated over 5000+ experiences and activities for you to enjoy with your friends, family, loved ones or even go-solo.
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Digital Gift Cards

Shopping, Entertainment, travel or spending time with friends help you to unwind. Xoxoday brings you a collection of 2500+ digital cards from a wide range of brands across the world -rightly allowing you to enjoy your break to the fullest.
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Corporate Perks

We all love discounts and world's favourite brands frequently give away special offers. Xoxoday has empanelled brands across the globe to offer our clients exclusive discounts and help you save on your expenses.
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Plum Advantages

Companies save time with Xoxoday by securely collaborating across teams, departments, offices and countries.

Present Across 70 + Countries
12000+ Choices of Redemption
Custom Built Redemption Stores
Flexible Reward Delivery Modes
Bulk Upload
Dedicated Customer Service For Redemption

Plum Enables You To Seamlessly Reward Your Employees

With multiple distributions methods, you can choose the way you would like to reward your employees.

The Consumer Promotion Challenge

Marketing managers face the following problems while running consumer promotions:

  • Extensive volumes of vouchers to be generated with unpredictable number of redemptions.
  • Higher number of breakages (Voucher issued but not used before expiry).
  • Complexity of defining, managing and tracking multiple rewarding campaigns across geographies
  • Lack of visibility of planning and allocating budgets for campaign  Inability to track misuse and breakages

The Consumer Promotion Solution

Plum can help Marketing managers generate bulk codes with a click of a button. To  nullify breakages, payment can be set to made only at voucher redemption. These bulk vouchers can be generated without user details, so that it is easily distributable after generation.

Distribution Via APIs

Plum provides distribution APIs which can be integrated with your information systems, catalog interface, loyalty programs and more. It is enabled with wallet based recharges that can be replenished from time to time. Learn More

Distribution Via Physical Gift Packages

Plum offers you to choose physical gift packages which can be handed over to employees during ceremonies. A physical gift card with unique code is placed either in a beautiful envelop, elegant gift box or attractive easy-to-carry bags, as per your requirement. This unique code can be used at Plum's storefront with ease.

Campaign Design Wizard

Use Plum’s campaign design wizard to custom build all functionalities of the campaign - starting from landing page designs, web URL, custom storefront and more. This is your brand page URL where your employees visit and redeem their rewards.

Reports And Analytics

Plum provides detailed reports and analytics of platform usage, rewarding and redemption - in a dashboard that gives the admin end-to-end visibility.


Celebrate victories, occasions, festivals and values that matters.

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