Delivery Executive Incentives

Influence Productivity And Retention ForYour Feet-On-Street Workforce

Delivery staff are an integral part of any logistics and e-commerce company, The cost of delivery staff & their welfare is the major cost component. Thus, the productivity and retention of the delivery staff is very important.


The Workforce Expects Added Incentives


Industry Attrition Rate


Scope Of Better Productivity & Attendance

There is a total of 90000+ logistics, e-commerce and shopping companies in the world. Costs of attrition, productivity and re-hiring are major challenges globally.

Instant Incentivisation For Showing Positive Behaviors

Delivery executives should visualize getting unlimited incentives on doing a good jobs.

Campaign Builder

Move the delivery matrix to aspiring incentive programs. Switch to targeted programs fine tuned using real time incentive updates. Get a strategic advantage over the competition using instant incentive payment to your for delivery executives.

Incentive Calculator

Completely automated Delivery executive incentives environment that help you execute complete program lifecycle. Program design, budgeting, communication, monitoring, partner payouts and partner support - all on a single platform.

Custom Storefront

Plum collaborates with 10000+ companies bringing you a collection of over a billion different shopping options across 70+ countries in the world. Tailor make your web storefront with brands you wish to showcase & your users get ample options to choose from. You do away with the tedious process of handling multiple reward vendors.


Helps quantify delivery executives efforts, peer performance, behaviors and value consciousness and improve the productivity of delivery executives.

Reports And Analytics

Plum provides detailed reports and analytics of platform usage, rewarding and redemption - in a dashboard that gives the Admin end-to-end visibility.

Right Incentives for the Great Achievers

A study indicates that delivery executives have high attritions It's important to channelize these incentives to motivate them to perform well and earn well to be motivated to stay back.


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Areas Of Impact On Lives Of Delivery Executives

Giving rewards to consumers gives them a real reason to buy, retain or come-back and consider again.

Productivity Matrix

Improvement In Average No. Of Delivery
Improvement In Time For Delivery
Reduction In Delivery Mistakes
Improvement In Customer Feedback

Attrition Matrix

Improvement In Attendance / Login Time
ImprovementIn Tenure
Reduction InHiring Cost
ImprovementIn Referrals

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