Survey Panel Incentives

Boost Your Global Panel Engagement

Opinions from consumers matter a lot - it makes or breaks a brand and its market strategy. A market research firm, hence, plays an important role in building a powerful brand. Consumers spend time to share their opinions and they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts.


Higher Survey Response ratewith an incentive


Higher Panel Acquisition and retention rates


Cheaper To Administer When incentive offerd

Source: Midway, Research Now, Gallup 2015

There are different types of incentives for survey panel members. It can be cash, physical freebies, digital gift cards or even trial pack of the product you're surveying. While there are merits of giving an incentive - Xoxoday helps you powering most flexible and agile incentive as digital gift cards.

Give The Panel Members A Choice

Panel members are dispersed across geographies. Products rewards generally are operations and distribution heavy. Hence distribute digital gift cards with a power of choice.


Experiences are highly personal and stays with you for life. Xoxoday has integrated over 5000+ experiences and activities for you to enjoy with your friends, family, loved ones or even go-solo. Learn More

Digital Gift Cards

Shopping, Entertainment, travel or spending time with friends help you to unwind. Xoxoday brings you a collection of 2500+ digital cards from a wide range of brands across the world -rightly allowing you to enjoy your break to the fullest. Learn More

Corporate Perks

We all love discounts and world's favourite brands frequently give away special offers. Xoxoday has empanelled brands across the globe to offer our clients exclusive discounts and help you save on your expenses. Learn More

Plum Enables You To Seamlessly Incentive Your Panel Members

With multiple distributions methods, you can choose the way you would like to reward your employees.

Custom Storefront

Plum collaborates with 10000+ companies bringing you a collection of over a billion different shopping options across 70+ countries in the world. Tailor make your web storefront with brands you wish to showcase & your users get ample options to choose from. You do away with the tedious process of handling multiple reward vendors.

Distribution Via APIs

Plum provides distribution API's which can be integrated with your information systems, catalog interface, loyalty programs and more. it has a wallet which can be replenished time-to-time. Learn More

Send Bulk Gift Voucher Via  Email

Use Plum to send bulk Gift vouchers for your reward programs. Simply upload the list of recipients and the user receives them via email for redemption.

Generate And Download Gift Vouchers

Plum offers an option of generating gift vouchers individually or in bulk and download them for print or redistribution. This has varied applications in employee as well as consumer rewarding.

Distribution Via Physical Gift Packages

Plum offers you to choose physical gift packages which can be handed over to employees during ceremonies. A physical gift card with unique code is placed either in a beautiful envelop, elegant gift box or attractive easy-to-carry bags, as per your requirement. This unique code can be used at Plum's storefront with ease.

Reports And Analytics

Plum provides detailed reports and analytics of platform usage, rewarding and redemption - in a dashboard that gives the admin end-to-end visibility.

Incentive Your Panel Members On Actions And Victories

Plum helps you deliver rewards in real-time, personalized, cost base savings,guaranteed delivery, convenience and security across the globe.

Attract New Panel Members
Improve Survey Participation
Reinvigorate Inactive Panel Members
Promotions InMember Community
Retain Valued Existing Participants
Create A Meaningful Bond
Ensure Success Through Improved Result
Panel Member Referrals

Dozens of companies trust Xoxoday Plum for Survey Panel Incentives.

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