Fulfilment Programs

Complete your global catalog requirements with Xoxoday

Outsource your catalog planning, rewards fulfilment and redemption management to Xoxoday. Leverage the global catalog covering 50+ countries, instant delivery and real time tracking. While you manage the core, we take care of everything else including customer issues.

Fulfilment programs use cases


Define and control the budgets for your redemption and fulfilment programs in various currencies.

Whitelabeling & personalization

Manage custom campaign URLs, banners, logo and colors as per your brand requirements.

Vast & refreshing global catalog

Select from a wide range of gift cards, experiences, activities, offers, discounts, hotels, flights, financial instruments and more to build your own catalog. Choose to enable or disable any option as per your choice relevant to the audience, occasion and budget. More than 20,000 global choices in the catalog and refreshed everyday.

Instant gratification

Instant delivery of all our digital awards in the catalog.

Reports and analytics

Check reports on spends, purchases, delivery updates, receipients and more.

Better purchase cost

Leverage our bulk buying power which can give you the best prices for any catalog option globally.

Automate manual processes

The reward fulfillment process is complex right from selection of catalog to the delivery. Xoxoday Plum automates catalog selection, prices, delivery and notifications thus reducing human errors and manual hassles.

Personalize the awards

Send personalized rewards with logo, message, headline, prices etc using our template library or build your own template.

Multiple delivery options

Choose from a range of delivery options like Email, SMS, Whatsapp, On-screen or API. You can choose as per your requirements.

Plug and play API

Use our RESTful APIs to plug-in our catalog to your environment. We will work along with your team to help you in the integration.

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