Survey Panel Incentives

Helps business managers
drive survey efficiencies

Market research companies need to run survey campaigns to diverse user groups globally to collect valuable market insights. Companies need to run incentive programs to get the best fill rate and create higher interest in the panelists. Incentives increase the response rate, and thus decrease the amount of raw sample needed, which offsets the incentives cost. Xoxoday Plum with its global refreshing catalog works best for rewarding and motivating such respondents.

Survey panel incentives use cases

Choice in survey incentives

Many times, the same reward over and over causes target audiences to lose interest. Xoxoday Plum gives refreshing global catalog with over 20,000 options to your respondents. Let them choose what they wish as per their location and currency.

Automate the survey rewards

Automate the survey rewards process whenever possible, so you can focus on the research you do best.

No inventory costs

By outsourcing the incentive fulfillment, you don’t run any risk of inventory or expiry.

Instant gratification

Create an instant reward delivery platform so that the respondents don’t have to wait for their incentive.

Incentive customization

The incentives can be planned as per the complexity, target audience, and urgency of the survey. The rewards catalog and the value for each reward can be easily customized through Xoxoday Plum platform.

Pre or post survey incentives

Companies can plan incentives for surveys at various stages or can stagger the value over different stages. It depends upon the method adopted and can include stages like sign-up, profiling, fill rate, quality and post survey availability.

Analytics and insights

Track reward selections to improve your insights and see what’s motivating panelists.

Multiple delivery options

Choose from a range of delivery options like Email, SMS, Whatsapp, On-screen or API. You can choose as per your requirements.

Best prices

Plum helps you with best prices with its aggregate supplier pricing power and volume discounts.

Integrate with your system

API Integration options within your system or option to send via Plum landing pages.

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