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Engagement & Communication

Provide your employees with a platform to voice their concerns, engage with co-workers and share their achievements

Custom Surveys / Polls

360 Degree employee feedback mechanism to understand the voice of your employees

Why wait for annual feedback surveys when you can custom design and execute feedback surveys on the go? Xoxoday provides real-time survey and feedback design templates, industry proven question bank and analytics. Know your employees better and take actions at the right time to improve attrition rates and engagement in your organization.

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Let the good vibes spread in the organization

The user timeline is the central place for all employee communication, including announcements, anniversary wishes, individual and team appreciation and awards and more. This is the engine for developing camaraderie within your workforce and driving company culture and goal alignment.

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Connect your employees through their passions other than work

It is great to find like-minded individuals in the organization through communities. Community module allows employees to create interest groups and engage in activities beyond work. Encourage the trekkers, runners, photographers, art collectors in your organization and help them follow their passion with other co-workers.

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Dont let your employees miss out on important announcements

Move away from the clutter of information and make announcements at a place which your employees can access on the go. Keep your employees updated on new initiatives, policy and organization structure changes or any other important news about the company. Define the frequency, audience and information you want to share through the admin panel.

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Campaigns - Gamification

Build strong and healthy competition in your employees

Create campaigns that let your employees compete with each other in a healthier manner. Xoxoday platform lets you design health & wellness campaigns like plank challenges, maximum steps, running miles added or any custom goal based campaign. After all, healthier employees will build a very healthy organization.

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Best in class automated and real-time rewarding system to fast track your Employee Reward & Recognition Programs


Define department and manager level rewarding budgets

Empower your managers with predefined reward budgets for their team members. Define budgets based on departments and teams size. You can even determine the frequency of rewarding. Get a real-time report on budget utilization. Send automated reminders on budget utilization.

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Nomination Workflows

Have a complete control of rewards through Nomination Workflows

Design nomination workflows in an easy and simple UI based method in the admin dashboard. Define who is the approver and master approver. Setup customized mail triggers once a nomination is received, accepted or cancelled. You can define up to 3 levels of approvers so that your rewarding is controlled and without bias.

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Point Based Rewards

Gamify the rewarding through Xoxoday's point-based rewards

Xoxoday platform lets you reward through points to your employees. Point system is totally fluidic and you can send from 1 to 1 million points. The choice is yours. The end users can accumulate points and redeem them for exciting options in the redemption catalog. So no more forgetting or losing voucher codes!

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Automated Gifting

Setup automated rewarding on your employees' work anniversaries and birth dates

Define timelines based on life events of your employees and the system will send the rewards/points automatically. Upload important dates through HRMS integration or one-time excel upload. On the special day, the system will automatically reward your employees based on the value and frequency defined by the admin. Design email templates, notifications and approval workflows to seamlessly award your employees.

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Global Catalog

Over 50,000 e-reward options to choose from our global redemption Catalog

Xoxoday provides multiple redemption options from curated experiences & activities, gift cards, learning & development course and special offers for your employees. The catalog offers best options from over 50 countries in the world. We handle end to end customer queries so that your employees have a hassle-free redemption experience.

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Reporting & Analytics

Turn data into insights to derive meaningful business decisions that help you get best ROI from your programs

Real-time Reports

Track and control data through real-time reporting module

Information availability at the right time helps in understanding the current state and make real-time decisions. Xoxoday reports inform you of the total points recharged and redeemed. So if your program or campaign is not moving, you can reallocate the points to the other campaign or create a new one. The employees/managers are given timely nudges and reminders if utilization is low. The entire control of the program is at your fingertips.

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Analysis & Insights

Proactive insights to help you improve your program ROI

Xoxoday reports module provides timely analysis and intervention on key areas like utilization, engagement and churn. You can identify if the program is helping you achieve the business impacts. Identify how the department level engagement and reward utilization compare with key business metrics like attrition, cost of hiring and performance improvement. You can segment the data into multiple functional areas and identify the root cause. Xoxoday provides a decision support system which will convert your data into insights so that you can take timely decisions.

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Early Warning Dashboards

Unlock greater insights which will enable you to identify long-lead indicators well before they manifest into larger problems

Dashboards and analysis are great ways to get and understand the data. However, taking course correction at the right time is the key to avoid future failures of your campaigns. Xoxoday's early warning platform will allow you to identify non-performing leading indicators much in advance for you to revise your reward program. Identify key employees at risk of attrition and take timely corrective actions.

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Predictive Reports

Simulate the outcomes before committing resources to rewards campaigns

Achieving business objectives is of paramount importance in campaign designs. Xoxoday platform allows you to predict the future by helping you simulate the results based on your objectives, historical data, correlation analysis and through time-series predictions. So revive your slow-moving campaigns, reallocate budgets from existing campaigns and improve the effectiveness of the campaigns at the design level.

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Additional Features

Employee Onboarding

Simplify Employee onboarding and increase acceptability in the organization

Non-Monetary Rewards/Badges

Rewards with badges, hi-fives, kudos on key achievements by the team members


Test your employees on new policies introduced, training provided on organizational culture or on the existing processes

Communication - Group/Personal Chat

Instantly connect with employees within the organization with an inbuilt chat platform

Voucher-Based Rewards

Custom designed emailers with messages to reward your employees on their special achievements

Knowledge Management

Build a knowledge repository in the organization - do not solve the solved problems again

Peer to Peer Rewards

The best appreciation is from co-workers through peer to peer rewarding option

Productivity Improvement Tools

A suite of productivity tools like project management, task trackers and automated reminders to simplify your employee's workday

Employee Referral

Gamify employee referrals for employees and reduce the cost of recruitment for the HR leadership

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Technical & Support Features

  • Cloud Hosting

    Your data is safe with us. We provide cloud hosting with world-class encryption technologies to protect your data

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    Integrate your login credentials with Xoxoday platform through SSO and User Redirection options

  • Xoxoday API Access

    Integrate Xoxoday Engagement, Rewarding or Redemption APIs to your existing platforms

  • HRMS Integration

    Seamlessly connect your in-house HRMS or ERP with Xoxoday platform to manage users automatically

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Dedicated account manager to help you through transition and technical issues

  • Dedicated Support

    12/7 customer support in English to help your employees on platform or redemption related queries

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Use Cases

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Case Studies