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Improve effectiveness of your reward programs through tech enabled platform

Deliver To End User Directly OR Retrieve In Your Database

The voucher codes can be delivered in an encrypted manner to your customer or can be stored in your database for later dispatch

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Deliver Across Devices - Emails & SMS

Choose and design where you want your customers to receive the codes - Emails, SMS or on the webpage

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International Catalog

Global and dynamic Catalog with 10,000+ Experiences, Gift Vouchers and Products to choose from for your customers

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Rich Information

Our catalog provides the latest images, denominations, terms & conditions and usage information. The information is automatically updated via APIs so that your Catalog will always be fresh

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Instant Delivery

Through real-time APIs, orders will be delivered instantly to you or your customer in communication templates defined by you

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Full Customer Support

A dedicated customer support to provide a seamless experience to your end users. The support is provided in English and is available for 12 hours, 7 days a week through email, chat or phone.

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Easy Integration

Set up your account within 2 days with our simple and easy to use onboarding steps.

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White Labelled Microsites

Customized white labelled reward microsites with full checkout functionality for your end users.

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Reports & Analysis

Intuitive reporting and analysis on orders, deliveries, payments and consumption patterns.

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Xoxoday Gift Voucher

Technical & Support Features

Cloud Hosting

Your data is safe with us. We provide cloud hosting with world-class encryption technologies to protect your data

Order Management Dashboard

A single platform to place orders, view history, get detailed transactional data, payment information for simplifying data collection and analysis

Bulk and Single Order Option

Place order individually or through bulk upload through our dashboard. Send codes directly to your end customers

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated account manager to help you through transition and technical issues

Dedicated Support

12/7 customer support in English to help your employees on platform or redemption related queries

Xoxoday Gift Voucher

The Global Reward Catalog

Gift Vouchers

Xoxoday Gift Voucher

Special Perks & Offers

Xoxoday Gift Voucher


Xoxoday Gift Voucher
Xoxoday Gift Voucher

Global Reach

Xoxoday Gift Voucher
50+ Countries
Completely digital redemption process with exclusive offerings in over 50 countries
Redemption Options
  • 5,500+ Experiences,
  • 1,500+ Gift Vouchers,
  • Special Perks & Offers,
  • E-learning Courses
Top Categories
  • Retail & Ecommerce,
  • Gourmet,
  • Philanthropy,
  • E-Learning,
  • Health & Wellness,
  • Travel
Xoxoday Gift Voucher

Use Cases

Xoxoday Gift Voucher

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