Case Studies

Customer Case Studies

Learn how Xoxoday products have helped our customers

Global IT Solutions Company improves rewarding efficiencies

A Global IT Solutions Company achieves 99.97% reward redemption and reduces rewarding turn around time.

India’s leading insurance company improves agent advisor engagement

A leading private general insurance in India improves rewarding transparency and implements instant rewards

India’s Leading Bank improves customer engagement

An Indian public bank achieves 15% month on month growth in customer engagement using Xoxoday reward vouchers.

Housing Finance Company improves Channel Engagement

"One of the fastest-growing housing finance companies in India uses Xoxoday platform as a single rewarding platform for effective channel engagement, loyalty schemes and campaigns."

Healthcare Provider improves doctor engagement

A global chain of super-speciality hospitals improve doctor engagements using extensive redemption options and instant rewards

Food ordering and delivery startup improves delivery executive engagement

One of India's leading food ordering and delivery startup tripled the reward redemption and increased rewarding by 5X using Xoxoday

Consulting firm nurtures a culture of rewarding

A global leader in consulting services improved their reward frequency and reduced rewarding time with the help of Xoxoday.

Clothing retail improves rewarding efficiencies

A multinational clothing-retail company achieved rewarding of one in two employees of their workforce and improved on-site rewarding

Business analytics provider kick-started spot employee recognition

A Business Intelligence and analytics firm achieved 100% reward redemption and spot recognition while using Xoxoday

NIIT improves employee rewards experience

"NIIT, a leading Skills and Talent Development Corporation rewards over 600 employees, achieves 99.7% redemption rate and 5% month on month rewarding growth rate with Xoxoday."

People Combine Increases Rewards and Recognition program eNPS by 25%

"People Combine, improved their GPTW rank to 17, decreased absenteeism by 50%, increased eNPS by 25%, Improved employee referral by 7% and improved rewarding frequency from monthly to daily. "

Fitness chain improves customer engagement

A global fitness chain leveraged Xoxoday Compass features to create customised experiences for their customers by analyzing their member data