An ITES major improves rewarding efficiencies with Xoxoday Plum

An ITES major improves rewarding efficiencies with Xoxoday Plum

Learn how Xoxoday products have helped our customers

Business analytics provider kick-started spot employee recognition

A Business Intelligence and analytics firm achieved 100% reward redemption and spot recognition while using Xoxoday

Clothing retail improves rewarding efficiencies

A multinational clothing-retail company achieved rewarding of one in two employees of their workforce and improved on-site rewarding

Consulting firm nurtures a culture of rewarding

A global leader in consulting services improved their reward frequency and reduced rewarding time with the help of Xoxoday.

Food ordering and delivery startup improves delivery executive engagement

One of India's leading food ordering and delivery startup tripled the reward redemption and increased rewarding by 5X using XoxodaySystem Stats (first 3 months of implementation) Adoption : 97% Increase in Rewarding%: 72% Increase in Redemption%: 44%

Healthcare Provider improves doctor engagement

A global chain of super-speciality hospitals improve doctor engagements using extensive redemption options and instant rewards

Housing Finance Company improves Channel Engagement

"One of the fastest-growing housing finance companies in India uses Xoxoday platform as a single rewarding platform for effective channel engagement, loyalty schemes and campaigns."

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Learn how Xoxoday products have helped our customers

SPI Cinemas reduces attrition by 44%

"SPI Cinemas, an Indian multiplex chain and film production company, improves program turnaround time by 90%, reduced absenteeism by 14% and reduced attrition to half."

NFX Digital improves survey respondent engagement

"NFX Digital, a data and digital marketing company achieved better rewarding efficiencies, improved respondent rewarding and issue resolution within SLAs with Xoxoday."

Luminous India Drives inclusion and collaboration through digital R&R

Luminous India, a global electricals manufacturer and distributor, drives inclusion, culture and collaboration using Xoxoday.

An ITES major improves rewarding efficiencies

An ITES major improves rewarding efficiencies with Xoxoday Plum

A property management software firm engages its employees

A property management software firm engages its employees with Xoxoday

Cleartrip Improves Employee Satisfaction Scores by 10%

"Cleartrip, a global online travel company gained 10 points in GPTW, Improved employee satisfaction scores by 10% and reduced R&R turnaround time with Xoxoday. "

Businessone Technologies reduces attrition by 10%

"Businessone Technologies, a data and technology company reduced regretted attrition to 0%, improved employee productivity by 20% and improved the efficiency of rewarding using Xoxoday. "

Brenntag improves organisational transparency

Brenntag, a global market leader in chemical distribution, achieves 92% adoption rate, 100% first response SLAs and transformed 40% of their rewards to spot awards, with Xoxoday.

Anca Increases Employee Engagement scores by 100%

"AncaMachine Tools, a global tier 1 supplier of CNC tool and cutter grinders achieves 100% adoption, 100% issue resolution within SLAs, 100% redemption and 75% rewarding of employees with Xoxoday."

Paint multinational improves their signature club engagement

The paint manufacturer improves dealer satisfaction and shop share with first of its kind dealer signature club for their top 50 dealers.

Global Oil and Gas company improves Channel Engagement

An Oil and Gas super major improves channel engagement and channel revenues with channel incentives and rewards.