Value - Excellence

As Aristotle said - “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Norms & Principles driving our values

As an organization, we aspire to deliver excellence to both our internal and external customers - our employees, suppliers, partners, investors and our clients via all that we do. To excel as an organization, we understand that we will need a well-blended approach that works at an individual, team and organization level. Defined below are the norms for us at Xoxoday. These norms comprise of those behaviours and attributes that must be displayed in every action, every day to steer Xoxoday to live and breadth its value of Excellence.

Do it right the first time

“Quality is never an accident. It is a habit and a way of life. It is about doing it right - right first time and right every time.”

What does this mean

Follow the laid down processes, compliance, and procedures correctly.

Ensure quality in everything for ourselves, our customers, suppliers, investors, and the environment.

Respect others' time and efforts by doing it the right quality. 

What it does not mean

That we cannot revisit the laid down processes for streamlining.

Misunderstand any aspect of business wrongly if you do not personally align to it.

That you cannot experiment, do errors, and iterate.

Unlock new value

Big breakthroughs come from being innovative. Keep reinventing to increase value.

What does this mean

Think big for our product, sales, customers and all other stakeholders.

Approach every problem creatively as an opportunity to innovate.

Do more with less.

What it does not mean

Not all ideas will get implemented.

Initiatives cannot be hobbies and illogical.

Ideas are not related to Xoxoday.

Be master of your own work

Ownership is not given, it is taken. Responsibility equals accountability equals ownership.

What does this mean

Work and contribute in collective growth and success of self, team, and organization.

Develop required skills and knowledge for accomplishing your work.

Display proactive accountability in every initiative.

What it does not mean

Ownership, leadership and designations are always given. They are not earned.

You opt for building your own expertise without sharing with organization.

You work in isolation and avoid teamwork.

Feet on the ground

Set the foundation of your relationship on mutual respect, trust, empathy and humility.

What does this mean

Display behaviours that promote and encourage a culture of mutual trust and empathy.

Be authentic & humble with growth. Accept and learn from mistakes. 

Respect one and all. Celebrate diversity.

What it does not mean

Please people for incorrect reasons.

Compromise your self esteem.

Avoid assertive discussions when needed.

Customer is our true north

Everything decision starts with the customer. Treat your customers like you would want to be treated.

What does this mean

Commit to deliver with quality and empathy.

Be fair in all the dealings.

Deal with customer data with integrity.

What it does not mean

Commit to deliver without proper analysis.

Not being assertive.

Listening to customers does not mean, customer knows the best.

Be thorough to make through

What gets measured, gets managed. Drive results with data.

What does this mean

There cannot be two different versions of our end goal.

Take data driven decisions as far as possible.

Focus on taking initiatives which have clear results and deliverables.

What it does not mean

That we get so focused on the result, we dilute the process.

Save all and every data without checking its relevance.

Not every decision may have data backed to it.