A better employee experience leads to a better customer experience

Xoxoday Live webinar with Freshworks on A better employee experience leads to a better customer experience. Is your promoter flywheel broken? Have you ever heard of it and how it accelerates all of EX, CX, NPS and revenue? Increasingly, management is keen on the circular relationship between employee experience, employee satisfaction, customer experience and brand loyalty. Known as the promoter flywheel, to get it spinning fast delight your staff with experiences that enhance their employee engagement, to create satisfied customers, delight them, and achieve 2.5x revenue.

Employees are the lifeline of any business. It’s in the best interests of every stakeholder to ensure that their motivation doesn’t dip during these trying times in order for them to continue doing what they do best. Give them their due for going above and beyond their core tasks despite the myriad challenges they have had to face these past few months. A pat in the back or a reward would be the perfect incentive to keep them motivated.


Remember cultivating team camaraderie is the name of the game. Create a happy work environment for your employees and witness them return the favor in the form of improved productivity and better customer service even as they gear up to face a stretched period of uncertainty.


In this webinar, our speakers will bring you up to speed on all the things your organization can do to keep its employees engaged, happy, and productive for a great customer experience.

Featured speakers:

Gurmeet Singh
VP- Sales at Xoxoday
Anil Rangaswamy
Senior Manager - HRBP at Freshworks
Prithvi Shergill
Chief Business Officer Digital Platforms & Marketing - KPISOFT Inc.
Krishanth Thangarajah
Lead ISV Partnerships - APAC & MENA, Freshworks