Building a High Performing Remote Company Culture

Xoxoday Live Webinar with Keka, With large cohorts of the workforce working remotely, only a culture that engages employees and nurtures their achievements can assure ongoing performance and growth.

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way organizations function as they try to navigate through remote working journeys. Now that many employers are not physically observing their workers, the importance of making connections across the virtual divide has never been more important.

So, how can organizations ensure their culture is sustained and strengthened during the pandemic? How software can be a perfect companion for improving those? 

This webinar will address those questions and help you understand to set goals and capture the success metrics during this uncertain time.


Key takeaways for you:

1. Learning to create a thriving remote work culture.

2. Tools and resources to help your virtual teams excel.

3. Setting performance goals, tracking progress and measuring the impact within the context of remote work.

4. Future-proofing Organizations for Digital Disruption.

Featured speakers:

Gokul Rangarajan
Senior Product Manager at Keka HR
Naz Parveen
HR Business Partner at Xoxoday
Jaya Lakshmi
Chief People Officer & Client Lead at Xpand