How to engage, motivate and support your workforce in these challenging times

Award-winning global HR leader Debra Corey talks about how to continue engaging and supporting employees amidst uncertainty.

How to engage, motivate and support your workforce in these challenging times?

Debra talks about the great challenges during the times of a pandemic and global locks for businesses as well as individuals. Identifying these challenges and preparing for them is probably the most important step of handling the volatility COVID-19 poses. Debra shares great insights on how to address these challenges and how companies across the world are using technology and other means to address them. Look forward to a session filled with examples, case studies and tips to tackle employees engagement during uncertain times.

You’ll Learn:

Redefining employee engagement

Understand how to redefine employee engagement to suit the new business normal and working methods while still living the company values.

Leadership and communication during crisis

Learn how leaders can use communication as a powerful tool to spearhead transitions during business crisis situations such as COVID-19.

Focus on employee wellbeing and appreciation

Ensuring employee wellbeing has never been more important and more difficult before - considering the remote working conditions. Learn how to use appreciation and wellbeing initiatives to drive away disengagement.

Featured speakers:

Debra Corey
Chief ‘Pay it Forward’ Officer, Speaker/Storyteller, Author, Consultant