Human resource in the digital era

There’s always an element of fear in the modern-age workforce when it comes to automation and its impact on their job security. Even though it looks like technology is evolving for their betterment, it is crucial for employees to know that they have to move ahead. This webinar tells how to communicate the right message.

Digital dynamic is changing the way things work, the HR-space has got to change along with it

With the shift in business paradigm towards automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and whatnot, the human jobs are in danger. Well, at least that’s what your employees think! In this webinar, learn how to cope up with the management of the human resources in digital times. It takes a human being to build a machine and there’s no way that digital era shall bring a threat to them, but it has a striking impact on the number of jobs that might get lost in transition.

When you’re through with this webinar, the following will be your takeaways:

  • How to balance the workforce and machine balance in the current environment
  • Why digital innovation and personnel development go hand in hand
  • How to bloom the workforce amidst stern competition from the robots
  • Learn what to digitize and what to humanize

Featured speakers:

Dr. Manoj Biswas