Leader v/s Boss, who wins an employee's heart

The millennial generation is all about grinding it out but they have some expectations from the organization they work with. With this webinar, understand the mistakes that the managers make and what is to be done so that they aren’t made.

Which methodology wins an employee’s heart?

Now that we are at a point where an organization is run by the people and not just the managers, the management technique plays a crucial role. Who do you think plays a better role in employee recognition—leaders that vouch for everything that their subordinates do, or bosses who stick to reports and follow-ups? In this webinar, let’s discover which personality is closer to an employee’s heart—that of a boss or a leader.

An employee has a lot of role models to look up to when she joins an organization and the question is, which character wins her heart? A boss-like personality who’s just there to fulfill hierarchical compliances or a leader who really teaches the facts of work and life to her?

Learn how a mere difference in mentality can change things from this webinar. From the art of influencing sans control, capitalizing on empathy as a trait and keeping it real, the leadership style brings a very tangible change in mentality. Engaging employees isn’t a simple task, and a correct mix of strategies is required. Sometimes, the right mentality too. Boss or employee, which role are you going to choose?

Featured speakers:

Jaydeep Das