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The Next World of Work will be different. So will its stories. They will be bolder, wilder, and yes, stranger. And we at XOXODAY are looking at storytellers who can tell them memorably. 

Yup, we are building a community – consider it a stage – for virtuosos and performers from backgrounds as diverse as marketing, HR, culture, sales, operations, research, analysis, tech, digital and beyond.

If you can think different, or spot what’s different in a sea of ordinariness, we invite you to vent your lateral ideas and ‘differential think’ on our platforms around topics like work, play, life - and the bold new rules that connect the three. 

From culture to productivity to relationships to incentives to motivation - and the vast, open grey areas that exist between these dynamic layers - the canvas is as big and wide as you want it to be. 

So what kind of storyteller are you? Guess what - it doesn’t matter. Because just like the evolving terrain of work, we are flexible when it comes to your ‘super-powers’. 

So if you are good with words, WRITE UP – we’re looking at everything from blogs to articles to reports to white-papers to e-books to scripts, both short form and long form. If you get your kicks from visuals, SHOW UP - we’re open to videos, mini-movies, art & design, talk shows, debates, Townhalls, keynotes, Q&A’s, interviews, telecasts, and more. If audio is your thing, SPEAK UP - from podcasts to audiobooks, we’re game. All we want is that you back up your stuff with flawless, hard-core research, and carry the power of raw conviction in every statement you make. 

Ready to shake-up the status quo and inspire fresh new trends? Come, dazzle the world with your ‘Think’ with Xoxoday. The stranger, the better.

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