What’s New at Xoxoday Plum February 2023

Get an inside look at the features we've built to improve link-based rewards, marketplace checkout, and many other features to make your rewarding experience simpler. Scroll down to learn from the engineers who have built it.

Just some of the latest release includes:
  • Multi lingual rewards links
  • Enhanced marketplace checkout
  • Integrate Plum rapidly with any technology


Glimpse of the released features

Multi lingual rewards links

With this release, recipients can select the language of their choice for redeeming the localized gift cards. This will improve the user experience and allow administrators to send global rewards easily.

Enhanced marketplace checkout

We have made it easier for recipients to redeem rewards by customising the storefront according to the reward they received. This not only speeds up redemption, but also eliminates confusion.

Integrate Plum rapidly with any technology

In this release, we have added capabilities to integrate with over 100+ leading SaaS platforms, from popular CRMs to marketing automation, support ticket systems to referral platforms, and everything in between! Our improved system allows you to connect with your existing tech tools and send rewards based on your desired trigger criteria or business logic, with the added bonus of customizing the integration to match your needs.

Transparency in cross-border transactions

Sending rewards globally on Plum is always exciting—but currency conversion issues can sometimes be a hassle. To make things simpler, we've changed the system to provide admins and recipients with the applicable exchange rates for cross-border conversions, creating transparency in the financial systems.

Track 2 by Ravi Rana
Improved DIY platform signup journey

We have made significant improvements in the signup journey for the admins; journeys like login via mobile, KYB signup, and the integrations flows are improved.

Qualtrics SDK enhancement

In the release, we developed a custom plugin to interact with the Qualtrics product using the Extension SDK. We are using ‘Actions SDK’ that can be part of a Qualtrics workflow. A customer can easily set up a ‘Reward automation’ by selecting ‘Xoxoday Plum Extension’ workflow within the Qualtrics UI.

Upcoming features

Introducing new rewards to marketplace

Plum Rewards Marketplace introducing new SKUs: airport lounges, global perks, salary loans, meal cards, and more. Recipients can redeem financial wellbeing and voluntary benefits from extensive catalog across countries.

Launching integration with Decipher

We are launching an integration with Decipher. Native integration and automated survey incentive distribution are now possible through Decipher and Plum Rewards.

Realtime catalog updates for API users

You will soon receive real-time updates for catalog status changes. We are enabling push notifications to synchronize data within your systems.

Get email open and click rates

You will soon be able to check your reward email open rates in the HubSpot workflow. This insight will help you craft better email campaigns to increase your click rates.

Platform for marketplace management

We are launching a self-service, full-featured platform for reward marketplace. with ability to sign up, manage catalog customization, and campaigns, etc.

Get your hands-on to these features

We aim to provide you with a competitive ROI with the recently released features. Share any feature you wish to include in the following product release at [email protected].

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