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Xoxoday builds technology tools and solutions for the people motivation and engagement. We’re helping small startups and the world’s biggest companies motivate and engage their employee, suppliers, partners and customers. We’d like your help to grow together in this journey.

Customers are our true north and their success is our success

We are doing the complex and amorphous business of building motivated and engaged people so that entrepreneurs and enterprises can concentrate on creating value, not worrying about their people. We take pride by solving complex infrastructure and people behavioural problems with technology. We operate at a good scale, but we’re still tiny compared to the opportunity.

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We have a large amount of work ahead with great opportunities for your career. We are yet to discover all the answers , expertise and solutions for customer problems & challenges that may occur. This gives you enormous responsibilities to demonstrate your skills and innovate.

Competitive and
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Life at Xoxoday can be described in many ways, but ‘ordinary’ is definitely not one of them. We stay true to our entrepreneurial spirits and we live and breathe our values. We are looking for people who can exhibit great ownership, aptitude and attitude with forward looking innovation and solutions. People who enjoy high growth environment, creating an impact, unafraid to be wrong, will definitely enjoy working with us.


Within how much time should I apply for a given position?

We understand that some individuals apply instantly, and some take time to study the requirement and do research before they apply. We are open to either of the two and all shades in between. Feel free to apply as long as you see this opportunity listed on our career page.

What happens after I submit my application?

All the incoming applications will be undergoing a preliminary screening by the recruiter, that may involve connecting with the candidates for information gathering too. Shortlisted applications will then be lined up for interview with the hiring manager

How much time will it take for my application to be processed?

The first level screening of incoming applications will start from the third day of requirement posting on our website. The other stages in the hiring process will be coordinated real time including sharing status updates with the candidates. We aim to close the complete hiring process within 30 days window

Will I receive feedback, if not selected for the role?

We wish for you to know that in case you are unable to join us in our journey, we would still like to contribute to your development and hence from our perspective, we will be sharing developmental feedback with you.

What is the average TAT to close a position?

On an average we take 30 days to close a position. But depending on the role, niche skill, level of hiring and suitability of incoming applications, the cycle time may go beyond the average TAT.

How many rounds of interviews and selection do I need to appear for?

Depending on the role you apply for, the selection process may involve one to three rounds of interview and/or other form of assessment to gauge expertise on the primary skill

What will be the path of career progression with Xoxoday?

Career progression at Xoxoday can be either vertical in form of a promotion or horizontal in form of role enhancement. It will however be dependent on multiple aspects such as vacancy, your performance and commitment to the organisation

What are the company working hours?

We have an eight-hour work window excluding one hour of break in a five-day working week.

What employee benefits can I expect at Xoxoday?

With an intent to contribute in various facets of an employee’s life, we at Xoxoday offer benefits under the following categories –
1. Leaves & vacations - Bouquet of leave options to suit your different needs such as annual leave, maternity & maternity related leaves, paternity, bereavement, relocation, and sabbatical
2. Health and wellbeing - membership with a renowned brand in health care
3. Old age benefits - Retirement & pension plan contributions
4. L&D - capped reimbursement on L&D courses
5. While at office - on the house dining in our cafeteria and open pantry with snacks & beverages
6. Financial perks - Loan assistance, celebration points for birthday, marriage, long service & new joining, food & beverage points

What is your view on the remote interview process?

In a pre COVID scenario, we strongly believed in having at least one face to face discussion with the candidate. This allowed us to showcase who we are and gave options to the candidate to take a facility tour and get a pulse of our office buzz. While we would still aspire for the same, in the current and post COVID scenario, we will be equally open to the concept of remote interviews keeping in mind the comfort and availability of the candidate.

Do you allow for Work from home? If yes, how many times in a week?

Our approach on work from home option up till recently was very fluid. We were open to the concept of work from home on need basis with mutual agreement between the employee and the manager. But as this may become a new normal, we are formalizing our approach to work from home.

Do you allow flexibility in working hours?

Most of us work in a single work window and start our day between 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM. This is done consciously to facilitate seamless work coordination both internally and with the clients.

I saw some reviews about Xoxoday on your glass door. How should I interpret or react to them?

Reviews posted on Glassdoor are an individual’s viewpoint and we respect it. We however have added our responses too. We recommend that you study both and make a fair judgement at your end.

What is your typical onboarding process?

Our onboarding process involves classroom-based induction on day-1, followed by 1-2 week of handholding to get you assimilated in your team and organization at large.

How is your L&D structured?

We believe that learning is an integral part of individual and organizational growth. Our L&D is structured to handhold the new joiners, consisting of job skill based training and interpersonal skills training to enable wholesome employee development.

Do you provide onsite opportunities?

While we promote local talent, we are also open in providing onsite opportunities to promising and high potential employees. This however is dependent on the role, potential of an employee, availability of talent locally and some state and country laws too.

Do you have an employee referral policy?

We have well-defined employee referral guidelines incorporated. We strongly believe in having friends at the workplace and promote referrals extensively. There are however some roles that are restricted to participate in this program such as the HR team.