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Power your business with people motivation

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Everything you need to motivate your employees, partners or consumers

Xoxoday suite of products help you drive better results for your business with motivated and engaged people. A motivated employee or channel partner would always go beyond the call of duty and perform better.

Build a happy, motivated & engaged workforce

Helps HRs and CXOs build engaged and happy workforces. It can help manage internal communication, award workflows, leaderboard, budget automation, feedback, surveys, OKRs and more.

Engage & motivate channel partners & sales teams

Helps channel managers create an engaged distributor, partner, sales and retail network. It can be used to manage partner communications, sales campaigns, milestone incentives and more.

Run rewards, benefits & incentive programs

Helps organizations implement rewards and benefits programs at scale. Explore a vast collection of experiences, digital gift cards, benefits and more, that help power up your global programs.

Motivate To
Promote Your Mission

With the use of rich features and extensive rewards catalogue, our clients are enabled to drive their businesses efficiencies. Quickly implement smart rewards programs to achieve great results for your initiatives.

Real Rewards

Provide a wide variety of real choices for your people to redeem their hard-earned rewards, like gift vouchers, experiences, financial products and more.

Plug & Play

Automate all types of rewards, benefits and incentives into one easy to manage dashboard.

Real Time Dashboards

Product designs that ensure reduced admin hassle. Highly significant reduction in manual errors and timelines for program implementation.

Smart Engines

Auto consultants that provides admins with actionable insights to independently create programs.

Empower To
Drive Trust

With the use of feedback and surveys, our clients are enabled to receive quick and actionable insights into their business. Powerful feedback and survey tools efficient tools enable 360 degree feedback.

Gamified Architecture

Plug in your important KPIs and gamify them with rewards.

Real Feedback

Run effective surveys campaigns and measure key business metrics.

Banking Grade Security

Your data is stored in compliance with all relevant legislation, including the stringent requirements of GDPR.

Enterprise Ready

Easy signup process that instantly gives you access to a world of exciting rewarding features that are available in multiple languages and currencies.

Align To
Reduce Friction

With the use of OKRs and goal-setting features, we help our clients to align their teams towards a common mission. Efficiently set goals that can help create high-performing individuals  and teams.

Goal Setting

Track and achieve daily improvements like goals, tasks and overall performance.

Polycloud Deployment

Built to scale in cloud based servers like AWS, GCP and Azure.

Proven Results

Robust statistics backed by research and algorithms built by the best minds in the industry.

Collaborate To
Boost Engagement

With the use of live feeds, groups and chats, our clients are enabled to transform their team collaboration and communication to work together. Efficiently interact and communicate to achieve business results together.

Connect With Each Other

Unite your people around a common cause with groups, chats, peer to peer appreciation and company wide events.

Discover Strengths

Evaluate recognition trends and learn the strengths of your team members through detailed analytics and reports.

Voice Based AI Bot

Uses voice input and AI to generate rich query redressals and insights.

The four pillars of people motivation

People are engaged and motivated for different reasons.

Rewards & Benefits
Appreciate and recognize in public with rewards.
Empower them with a voice through surveys, feedbacks and actions.
Give clarity on goals and shared vision through milestones, performance plans and reviews.
Help them collaborate on work, shared goals, make communication transparent.

Scale your business confidently

Xoxoday products are built on future ready technologies that ensure security and scalability

Plug & play integrations with HRIS, ADFS, SSO, SAML. Developer APIs support

Available on Android, iOS and Web

DIY capabilities, Whitelabelling & Configurations

Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency

ISO 27001 & GDPR compliant

Enterprise grade with On-Premise support

White-glove Support

Xoxoday ensures that our customers make the best of our offerings through various in-product
support features and a dedicated customer support.

Dedicated Account managers

Insightful reports, predictive analytics and business intelligence

99% Guaranteed Uptime SLA

Email, Chat & Bot support

Consulting, Implementation & Tech support

Resources, Trainings, FAQs & Webinars