The March ’22 Product Release is here. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Last week, Xoxoday Plum got a huge update, it’s fully updated, revised and revamped to help you experience every element of rewarding. Just some of the latest release includes:

  • Admins can reward their users on their mobile numbers
  • Updated the Qualtrics integration, Users can find Plum inside of Qualtrics dashboard
  • Powerful insights for better performance and experience enhancement and bug fixes



Introduction to product innovations

Walkthrough of the recent features, enhancements, and updates live in the March release focused on admins, end-users, and API customers.

Mobile Number based rewarding

Admins can now send rewards via the user’s mobile number without email is a mandatory option. This adds a lot of flexibility while rewarding across all modes of distribution (Xoxo Points, Xoxo Codes, Xoxo Links, and Plum Pro).

SMS delivery status in the report

We now can show the delivery status of individual rewards for Xoxo Points and Xoxo Codes via SMS. This brings transparency to the entire rewarding experience and is critical for admins to understand the status of their rewards sent.

Download of the high volume of records

We have now optimized downloading the reports with the high volume of data; an email is triggered to the admin with the downloaded data attached as excel.


Improved DIY platform signup journey

We have made significant improvements in the signup journey for the admins; journeys like login via mobile, KYB signup, and the integrations flows are improved.

Qualtrics SDK enhancement

In the release, we developed a custom plugin to interact with the Qualtrics product using the Extension SDK. We are using ‘Actions SDK’ that can be part of a Qualtrics workflow. A customer can easily set up a ‘Reward automation’ by selecting ‘Xoxoday Plum Extension’ workflow within the Qualtrics UI.

Get your hands-on to these features

We aim to provide you with a competitive ROI with the recently released features. Share any feature you wish to include in the following product release at [email protected].

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