What’s New at Xoxoday Plum May 2022

Meet our leaders and subject matter experts on the new product announcements this month and see how these capabilities can transform your business.

Just some of the latest release includes:
  • Get user redemption details in Xoxo links
  • Redesigned campaign page
  • Manage multi-currency accounts with SAP


Some of the highlights

Collection of user redemption details with Xoxo Links

With the new release, clients, while sending xoxo links, will now have an option to collect the recipient's email ID/phone number during redemption. This gives immense value to those running marketing campaigns and consumer promotions where they can now have complete insight into who has redeemed the reward

Redesigned campaign page

We have completely redesigned the campaign page by taking a completely different approach that optimizes to show precisely what brands are available and gives the user a clear indication of the country selected, categories selected, and the number of products chosen, all in a single screen. 

Status integration of Xoxo Link reports

The new reporting filters were added to give complete insights into the reward redemption process to the users running marketing campaigns or consumer promotions via Plum. You can view the details under Reports > Xoxo Links > Individual Link > View details.

Manage multi-currency accounts with SAP

We created a new way for SAP integration users to create and manage multi-currency accounts using Plum. Plum accounts can be created for each geography, wherein the different admins can be assigned to manage wallets and budgets independently.

Get your hands-on to these features

We aim to provide you with a competitive ROI with the recently released features. Share any feature you wish to include in the following product release at [email protected].

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