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Xoxoday and Giift have come together. By joining forces with Giift, we’ll be able to make it easy for your company to enable growth use cases across customers, employees, sales & partners. Together, we have unique leverage to cover the length and breadth of  Rewards (R), Incentives(I), Payouts(P), Perks(P), Loyalty(L) & Engagement(E), creating a RIPPLE with double the force.

Giift and Xoxoday

The RIPPLE potential

Every business spends money. A simple way to classify money spent by a business is in payroll and non-payroll dollars. Though there are many software solutions that exist for both sides, one part of the non-payroll dollars is highly underserved, the one given out in the form of rewards, incentives, payouts, perks, loyalty and engagement.

Xoxoday is targeting this 5 trillion USD rewards, payouts and incentives industry, which is largely still powered by legacy systems or manually. This market is growing strongly and is expected to reach $6.3 trillion (not a typo, you read this right) by 2027. 

Problems that are holding us back

The industry is plagued with broken processes, technological gaps, security holes, delayed gratification, geographical limitations, point solutions, poor transparency & ROI metrics. Due to the absence of a robust technology solution, businesses are forced to opt for fragmented solutions as an easy way out, that does not justify the context at hand. 

Why now

The primary reason that the landscape has remained unchanged is due to the lack of maturity of the parallel payment infrastructure. Over the last three years, major changes in the payment infrastructure have built a good mix of consumer readiness and developer friendly APIs available from various card & brand cards.
This has allowed anyone to bring software workflows and payouts together in a way that very closes the gap between the way things happen on the digital side. 

The new currency of growth stack

Xoxoday is reimagining, from first principles, how payouts via branded currency should work in any business. We believe that our approach will be the default expectation of the market over the coming years, and the current fragmented approach will disappear as the market is educated about the disruptional improvement in a foundational business process. 

Xoxoday combines a rewards & Incentive platform that democratises payouts via branded currency for every function at business. We want everyone to own their outcomes with growth hacks that have tenets of reciprocity in them.

Removing complexity from the process

We connect businesses through a huge supply of reward catalog to meet their demand for employees, sales, channel, consumer payouts. On the supply side, we bring seamless, on-demand, real time delivery of 20,000+ reward options across 80+ countries. 

Leadership team

Piyush Agrawal

Product, Plum

Mayank Singh

Product, Empuls

Girish Vishwanath

Regional Sales, New Markets

Paul Haynes

Regional Sales, North America

Stephen Humphreys

Regional Sales, Europe

Pooja Malakar

Regional Sales, India

Gurmeet Singh

Regional Sales, India

Prakash M N

Regional Sales, India

Management Board

Sumit Khandelwal

Sumit Khandelwal

Co-Founder, Sales & Finance

Pascal Xatart

Pascal Xatart

Co-founder and Director Finance, Giift

Laurent Xatart

Laurent Xatart

Co-founder and CEO, Giift

Manoj Agarwal

Manoj Agarwal

Co-Founder, Product & Marketing

Varun Sanghavi

Varun Sanghavi

Director, Apis Partners

Nicholas Smalle

Nicholas Smalle

Partner, Apis Partners

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Two Vertical Products

Being in the heart of action, we see opportunity in building vertical products that are tailored to two very specific contexts. 

Employee engagement & recognition platform for companies to build a truly engaged workforce through connection, alignment, empowerment, and motivation. It helps companies put a system in place to become the best places to work. 

Explore Empuls

Built to turbo-charge sales teams through gamification & real-time sales commissions. It democratizes sales commissions and makes incentive distribution and measurement easier, that has compounding effects on your revenue engine.

Explore Compass

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2000+ businesses
Make every day of their growth story rewarding with us

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