Employee Perks & Benefits

Supercharge employee benefits, wellbeing & savings with exclusive perks and benefits programs.


If you too feel like this, 
Empuls is what you need

“We have a lot of employees who leave us because of lack of benefits. How can we have exclusive programs that suit our needs?”

“We want to nudge our employees towards a healthier lifestyle. How can we do that while working from different places?”

“There is no structured approach to sharing our experiences and opinions with the management. Our feedback often gets lost in the random processes.”

Guaranteed Savings

Help your employees save upto $1000 every month on various monthly expenses with exclusive, pre-negotiated perks. Get discounts on categories like groceries, subscriptions, dining, travel, health & wellness, gadgets, apparels, etc. Choose from over 5,000 perks across the globe.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Exclusive Festive Catalogues

Offer exclusive discounts and perks for special occasions like festivals and holidays. Leverage our unmatched buying power and discovery platform to explore thousands of suppliers and build exclusive programs to suit your organizational needs.

Boost Employee Wellbeing

Boost employee wellbeing with exceptional health and wellness offerings. Provide your employees with access to affordable health and wellness services and suppliers across various categories including yoga, sports, wellness products, doctor appointments, medicines etc. with Empuls.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Encourage Financial Wellbeing

Help your employees with the right investments and savings. Empower them with access to different insurance and loan instruments exclusively carved out for your organization.

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