Digital New Year gifts for employees with a delightful personalized experience

This year, go beyond the ordinary and leave a lasting impression with our curated collection of digital corporate New Year gifts for employees. Elevate your holiday gifting experience and celebrate the spirit of the season with your employees and hard-working workforce.

Wide global catalog with 26000+ reward options

Instant and hassle-free reward delivery

Personalized greetings via emails and SMS

24X7 customer support for redemption

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1500+ businesses across the country, trust Xoxoday for New Year gifts for employees

From startups to large enterprises, thousands of organizations rely on Xoxoday modern corporate New Year gifting experience, making their employees feel special and truly valued.

2M +

Gifts delivered last holiday season


Categories of gifts to choose from


Gift cards, brands and experiences


Countries covered in our catalog

More than a million festival treats were delivered last season!

“Beyond our expectations and everyone is excited about the new concept."

New Year gifts for employees that resonate with brands

New Year gifts for employees are more than just tokens of appreciation; they're an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with your employees. Our curated selection allows you to pick gifts that align with your company's culture and values. Choose from renowned brands that reflect your commitment to excellence, or give your recipients the freedom to choose what they love. It's a win-win for both parties!

Xoxoday's tailored New Year gifts for employees for every occasion

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer flexible holiday gift options tailored to your specific requirements. Choose from a diverse range of gifts that truly resonate with the sentiments of the season and cater to the unique preferences of your recipients. From personalized experiences to digital vouchers, we've got you covered.

Holiday Gift Points

Xoxoday gift points give your recipients the flexibility of choosing single or multiple gifts.
  • Send gift points easily through CSV or any existing app like Slack, Teams, Hubspot, Salesforce etc
  • Points get accumulated automatically
  • Recipient can directly use points in the Xoxoday store with a single click
  • Track reports, redemption & ROI

Holiday Gift codes

Festival gift codes are the simplest way to spread joy to your recipients.
  • It is easily shareable and the recipient can share these codes with their loved ones as a gift too!
  • Gift codes is extremely flexible and can be used in multiple denominations
  • Gift codes can be redeemed for partial amounts too till the entire amount is fully redeemed
  • Track reports, redemption & ROI

Holiday Gift Catalog

  • Our wide range of of popular brands ensures that you will always be able to gift what your people want.
  • Be it gift cards, prepaid cards, gadgets, gourmet, experiences, perks, and more.
  • Choose the most-loved localized brands in the recipient’s country and deliver delight.

Say Yes! to digital corporate New Year gifting

Embrace the future of gifting with Xoxoday. Say Yes to digital corporate New Year gifting and make this New Year special for employees. Experience the convenience of instantaneous delivery and the joy of choice.