Expand brand coverage, accelerate growth & increase conversions

Leverage Xoxoday's Catalog listing solutions and drive visibility and sales in a targeted high-engagement, high-redemption rewards and incentives ecosystem

Powering the world’s fastest growing brands

Being a partner

Build a high-performance Sales & Acquisition channel with Xoxoday

Big markets, Creme audiences

We practically package creme audiences to you bringing a higher customer lifetime value for your sales growth

High-Intent, High volume sales

Powered by rewards and incentives, our catalog program has a higher purchase rate & frequent customer activity

Premium & Exclusive inventory

Offer a better purchase experience through a carefully curated storefront that sports exclusivity and brings delight

Millions of high-intent customers in a seamless redemption ecosystem

We stitch together audiences, marketing and acquisition in a single system so that you don’t have to.
Plug into a varied scope of engagement possibilities with Xoxoday

Experience rapid integration of rewards into your  marketing, sales, and loyalty programs

Marketing agencies, consulting firms, and rewards organizations extend their expertise & accelerate their business growth with Xoxoday’s ecosystem of rewards, incentives, and benefits

Surveys & Research programs

Marketing campaigns

Sales & Acquisition channels

Loyalty & promotion programs

Employee engagement

Experience rapid integration of rewards into your marketing, sales, and loyalty programs

Marketing agencies, consulting firms, and rewards organizations extend their expertise & accelerate their business growth with Xoxoday’s ecosystem of rewards, incentives, and benefits

01Surveys & Research Programs
02Marketing Campaigns
03Sales & Accusation channel
04Employee Management

Our program at a glance

Customers across 80+ Countries
Partners across experiences, brands, and services
Annual rewards transaction
YoY growth in partner collaborations

Rethink acquisition and sales growth with Xoxoday’s vibrant ecosystem

Reduce Customer acquisition costs by over 40%

Leverage smarter positioning and targeted placement with Xoxoday catalog and lower your customer acquisition costs

Target Affluent, corporate Audiences

Access the purchasing rhythm of a young, affluent corporate audience that has a higher order value & an extensive spending range

Increase purchase frequency

Trigger more purchases stimulated by targeted reward programs and gift card initiatives

Remove Purchase friction

Encourage fluid customer interaction on top of our rewards & incentives ecosystem and trigger seamless action and purchases

Plug into a Rewards program

Access the universality of Rewards redemption on top of an active marketplace to build you a consistent customer funnel

Deliver Targeted delight

Club your brand positioning under our rewards & incentives program to target direct customers using coupons, discounts, and gift cards

Customize presence & offers

Build a customized loyalty program inside the catalog - designed to maximize engagement and increase customer lifetime value

Reduce abandonment

Reward redemption opt-in, coupled with offers increases your brand's engagement & reduces purchase abandonment

Leverage a Dedicated brand store

Target customers better and build a direct funnel using a dedicated store in the marketplace to accentuate your campaigns and marketing

Highlight through marketing opportunities

Enhance visibility and prompt interaction with your brand using ad slots, triggers, banners, notifications or content

Nudge purchases through vouchers & offers

Personalize vouchers, trigger buy-ins, and intrigue high-intent audiences using exclusive offers, and increase your average order value

Build a Customer Loyalty Program

Encourage repeat purchases inside the marketplace and rollout promotions, retention campaigns to different audience segments

Gleam Granular Insights

Gather in-depth insights & data to understand customer interaction and evaluate your program performance & brand engagement

Personalize using data

Personalize brand offers based on customer interactions, trends, and behaviors inside the marketplace

Consultative Support

Drive growth with timely recommendations and performance insights by the Xoxoday catalog solutions team

Experiment & Tinker

Introduce new campaigns, new products, or new offers inside the marketplace and assess your targeting & sales strategy

Your Success First

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Take a deep dive into our catalog partner program and see how we are refining customer engagement and outreach across the globe

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Who can become a Xoxoday's catalog partner?

  • Marketing & media agencies who run marketing or sales campaigns for their clients.
  • Rewards & incentives consulting firms and individuals who want to partner with our technology solutions.
  • Authors & researchers in the field of incentives, rewards, and benefits.
  • Resellers who want to scale their sales with our reward technology products.
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