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Solve unique customer problems with easy integrations

Enhance your solution’s capabilities by integrating with our products

Deliver more value to your customers by offering a more integrated, innovative, and comprehensive solution by combining your technology with our industry-leading products.
  • Extend the capabilities, reach, and usage of your application.
  • Deploy integrations rapidly with our easy-to-use APIs.
Become an integration partner
Leverage our products to achieve new heights

Leverage our products to achieve new heights

Refer and sell our feature-rich products to grow trust with your customers and open up new channels of growth for your business.
  • Collaborate with Xoxoday teams on initiatives to increase reach and sales
  • Expand your offerings by bundling them with our products
Become a reseller partner
Showcase your brand to millions of new customers

Showcase your brand to millions of new customers

Leverage our vast global audience and explore new markets to drive growth for your brand. Be a catalog partner to discover and be discovered by new customers.
  • Drive higher ROI by optimizing your customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Get access to a high-intent and high-quality audience by being a part of our rewards marketplace
Become a catalog partner
Capitalize on your expertise to advise some of the top companies

Capitalize on your expertise to advise some of the top companies

Join our ecosystem of highly experienced consultants to provide consultancy and expert advice to solve business challenges for some of the top companies.
  • Expand your network and client base with Xoxoday
  • Work with the leading products in the rewards, incentives, and payouts space
Become a consulting partner

Why you should partner with us

Learn more about the perks of being a Xoxoday partner

New channels and markets

New channels and markets

Open doors to new revenue channels across new markets and industries. Harness the opportunity to discover and be discovered by a wider audience.
Higher value to customers

Higher value to customers

Delight your customers by bundling Xoxoday products with your existing offerings to deliver a more holistic and comprehensive solution.
Joint growth efforts

Joint growth efforts

Address and cater to a larger market by collaborating with Xoxoday to drive effective sales, marketing, product, and customer success initiatives.

How we onboard

Submit inquiry through the form
Share your basic details via the form provided on this page
Our partnership team will get in touch with you
Explore opportunities and align on the partnership objectives during the discussion
Finalize partnership terms with us and get onboarded
After further discussions, finalize the scope and terms of the partnership to get started
Become a xoxoday partner
Success is best when it’s shared, Become a Xoxoday partner

Success is best when it’s shared

Join us in our journey towards accelerating growth by building and delivering solutions to a larger global market.
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Frequently asked questions

1. Is there a fee involved in being a Xoxoday partner?

There are no fees to join our partner program

2. Which Xoxoday products can partners collaborate on?

By being a partner, you can collaborate on all our products - Plum, Empuls, and Compass. Depending on your solution and area of expertise, you can choose the products that align best with your business.

3. How long does it take to be onboarded as a partner?

Partner onboarding typically takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks. However, it depends on the kind of partner you want to become with Xoxoday.

4. Are there restrictions on which country or region the partner should be from?

We are open to exploring partnerships across all regions. There are no restrictions or limitations currently.

5. What are the criteria for becoming a partner for Xoxoday?

The criteria solely depend on your core expertise. You can become a referral partner - refer leads to Xoxoday or an integration partner - get integrated with our product for a better GTM, and so forth. Fill up the form to speak to someone from our Partners team.

6. As a referral partner, how are we assured that our leads are protected and tracked?

We send a regular update about the lead status to all our partners on a fortnightly basis via email, and all the sales partners can check their leads on their respective PRM dashboards.

7. Do the partners also get any help with marketing and branding?

Yes, we do help with joint marketing, co-branding, and demand generation initiatives as well. For more details, please reach out to your partner manager.

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