Issuing an RFP for rewards, incentives & commissions platform?

Ask the right questions to find the right vendor
Evaluating your vendors requires putting together the right Request For Proposal. Xoxoday has created this comprehensive RFP FAQ & template to help streamline the process for you.

Essential and Must have features

Pulling together an RFP for rewards, benefits, payouts, and commissions platform can be complex. We have put together an FAQ section that covers the key features that we think you should look for in any platform you short-list.
What kind of rewards, incentives, payouts and commission use cases can you support?
Do you offer a global rewards marketplace?
What categories of rewards do you list in your marketplace?
What categories of gift cards do you have?
Does your catalogue cover experiences?
Can I distribute Amazon gift cards through your platform?
What are the travel categories you cover?
What kind of financial products and services do you offer?
Do you cover charities in your marketplace?
Do you regularly run discounts and other offers in your marketplace?
Is your storefront customizable?
What kind of distribution modes do you support?
What kind of personalization do you support?
Can your platform be used as a sort of corporate social media?
Can you do an occasion-based rewards campaign?
Can your platform work with other enterprise communication tools like Slack?
Can you handle multiple active plans at the same time?
Will Compass ensure our team’s incentive calculation is accurate?
Can my sales team check their earnings in real time?
In addition to distributing rewards for various achievements, what other ways can I motivate my sales team?
How do I calculate the ROI from the sales contests I run monthly?
How does incentive automation help me and my team?
I have been using Excel for incentive calculation. Why should I shift to Compass?
Is Compass for a specific industry or geography?
I have an in-house system for incentive calculation. Why should I consider Compass?
The data for incentives are stored in multiple sets. Is there any way to connect them?
What kind of security accreditations or attestations of compliance are recommended?
How do you handle PII data at rest and in transit?
How do you ensure security during authentication?
How many countries do you operate in?
How scalable is your system across multiple geographies?
Does your product architecture support local data storage requirements?
How does the platform work with multiple currencies?
Can you take into account the cost of living when converting points to local country currency?
Can recipients redeem rewards in their choice of currency?
What kind of payment options do you support?
Do you support multiple languages in your platform?
Do you support analytics, tracking and reporting?
What kind of customization options do you provide?
Do you have some kind of AI bot to help with formulating content?
Can users personalize their content?
Can your rewards catalogue be customized for us?
How long does it take to onboard customers?
What kind of onboarding support do you provide?
Do you provide any kind of training?
Do you have pre-built integrations to other enterprise platforms and software?
Do you support single sign-on features?
Do you provide APIs to integrate our product?
Besides points what other kind of mechanisms do you support?

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