Up the game of customer service

Where customer expectations are becoming heavy, crack the customer service code by rewardifying KPIs.

Up the game of customer service

Where customer expectations are becoming heavy, crack the customer service code by rewardifying KPIs.

Spreading delight to 2M+ users with 5000+ businesses

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Possibilities are limited to your imagination

BPO companies across segments use Xoxoday technology to send out rewards, incentives and payouts, for employees, customers and partners.

Retain the employees with eclectic rewards

The employee attrition rate is highest among the BPO industry, burdening companies with the cost of hiring a new employee and training him to perform well. Value your employees by letting them choose a performance reward of their choice by running a stunning customer engagement program.

Gamify the customer service KPI

The essence of the BPO industry is customer service. Gamify your employees' customer service KPIs with points, put top performers on the leaderboard, and recognize them socially with a vault of infinite rewards.

Incentivize your customer feedback

Incentivize the customer feedback process with gratifying rewards to know what your customers are saying about your agents and team managers.

Delight your customers when they are in distress

Call traffic management, poor internet connection, power shutdowns may disrupt crucial processes, putting your customers in distress. Convert this distress into delight by sending payouts and heart satiating  digital gifts as a gesture of compensation.

Why BPO companies work with Xoxoday

Microfinance at the departmental level

As team sizes vary as per the organizational structure and goals, one rewards sending pattern doesn't suit all the teams. Xoxoday weeds out this problem of imparity by scaling across teams and budgets with department-specific sending

A branding tool

We view sending rewards and gifts to your partners, collaborators, promoters as an act of outreach. Xoxoday allows you to imprint your brand personality on it by customizing the logo, message, colors the way you want in a click - making it an avenue of subtle branding for you.

Automate multiple campaign types

All campaigns aren't created equally. Using one paradigm for all types of campaigns eventually leads to campaign burnout. By supporting tailored campaign workflows, Xoxoday provides a specific framework that each campaign needs.

Integrations that work like a charm

The most modular platform functionalities of Xoxoday rewards are now accessible as integrations on your preferred platform - easy as flipping the switch.

No-code API

Our no-code API brings a rich and lightweight reward catalog to your CRM or website without the need for infrastructure. Start integrating today to begin automating the reward experience!

Your safety, our responsibility

Multi-currency transactions may be frustrating but not at Xododay because we accept most currencies. With an established procedure, our platform exceeds the compliance to open banking API.

Encryption of sensitive data
HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections
Vulnerability disclosure and reward programme

Reward value of over

$3 million

Distributed in one quarter

Increased rewarding efficiency


of employees nominated

Sent Maximum Rewards within

6 weeks

of implementing  automation workflows