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Helps you manage employee collaboration, motivation, empowerment and alignment at work.

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How It Works?


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Integrate Your Data Source

Quickly integrate with your information systems.

Define Workflows

Create awards and gamification that are unique to your organisation.

Enable Employee Cohesion

Enable effective communication and alignment for employees.

Gather Employee Insights

Get metrics of employee engagement using advanced analytics.

Improve, Empower and Engage

Improve employee engagement strategies.

Key Impact Areas

Internal communications that lets employees interact, appreciate, tag and reward each other - increases peer-to-peer interactions and building a culture of appreciation

Peer-to-Peer Interactions

Lets employees build groups, post minutes of meetings, assign tasks and sync up -  thus reducing internal mail conversations.

Email Conversation

Powered with features like greetings, badges, value cards, people tags, leader boards, voicebots and social sharing - thus increasing employee engagement.

Employee Engagement

Brings transparency in awards, nomination workflow and organisational releases - thus improving employee trust.

Employee Trust

Removes use of spreadsheets, manual methods of nomination workflows, communication and scorekeeping.

Manual Errors

Rich features that enable employers to motivate, empower and align their employees- thus increasing employee NPS.

Employee NPS



Help teams move together - aligned to a single vision and able to share meaningful, immediate and personal messages at scale.

  • Feeds and announcements
  • Groups and communities
  • Personal and group chat
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Become an employee-first organisation using real-time feedback and powerful surveys.

  • Surveys and Feedback
  • Budget Automation
  • Nomination workflow
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Reinforce organisational citizenship using instant recognition and aspirational rewarding.

  • Badges
  • Team and individual rewards
  • Leaderboard
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Help your employees move together - aligned to a single vision.

  • Voice enabled AI bot
  • OKRs
  • Reports & Analytics
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Why Xoxoday? Explore Library

Discover the change that Xoxoday can drive in your organisation, whatever your industry and expertise. We have created a community of industry professionals who share their views, best practises, learnings and more. We also publish our survey reports, recommended feature usage, blogs, product updates, case studies and videos in our Library.

Learn more from our rich Library of ideas or you may also choose your industry to know more about our solutions. Xoxoday technology makes your program vibrant & future-ready.

Accelerating Your
Implementation Process

You usually take 12-15 weeks to design the program, select a relevant software, work with them to implement it. Xoxoday has built Empuls for HR's and CXO's to implement and launch your employee collaboration, motivation, alignment and empowerment programs in under 60 mins!

Enterprise Ready

Easy signup process that instantly give you access to a world of exciting features that are available in multiple languages and currencies.

Plug & Play

Choose your background, logos, colors, web URL, currency system and more in simple steps.

Smart Engines

Auto consultants that provides admins with actionable insights to independently create programs.

Integrate Your Data

Integrate your employee data 1 on 1 or csv sheet or HRMS integration.

Enrich And Bring Excitement To Your Programs

With the use of feedback and surveys, our clients are enabled to receive quick and actionable insights into their business. Run survey efficient campaigns and measure key business.

Icon Library

Pre-created set of badges, value cards, greetings, colour themes, backgrounds and other icons make your implementation process really fast.

Blogs By Experts

HR experts write what has worked for their organisations and hence you get a ready-made repository of best practices to implement.

One-Click Template Installation

Organisations and individuals like SHRM, AceEngage has built employee engagement survey templates which can be installed in just a click.

Setup Workflows

Several features like awards, surveys, budgets, groups, leaderboard have fluid setup process which powers you to do your own.

Customise Your Storefront

Build your own storefront and options you want to show to your people from our rich collection of reward options.

Engagement Intelligence

Actions in Xoxoday platform collates huge data and engagement reports which represents predictive engagement intelligence.

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