Build a culture of employee appreciation

Automate rewards and incentives delivery by connecting your applications with Plum RaaS APIs.

Rewards and Recognition program

Effective rewards and recognition programs can ignite purpose and potential in your team. With Empuls, you can start an RnR program that’s candid, social, frictionless, & fun.

If you too feel like this, Empuls is what you need

Align rewards & recognition with company values

Make recognition more meaningful & impactful by connecting it to your company’s core values and giving visibility to everyone’s contributions.

Empower everyone to recognize

Build a scalable culture of recognition by empowering everyone to recognize their peers, reportees and managers.

Make appreciation personalized & social

Recognition should be personalized, social  & engaging. It should not give a feeling of “yet another task”.

Features & Benefits of our solutions

Power simple to complex rewards & recognition programs

  • Rewards are optional, you can recognize with or without reward points. 
  • Manage different types of rewards like performance, spot, safety, wellness, learning, referrals, team awards, & more. 
  • You can define reward nomination & approval workflows rule engines.

Reward points & Budget

  • Simplify reward points at company level or peer rewarding. 
  • You can also configure hierarchical reward points with different employees and access controls.

Global rewards catalog

  • Redeem your reward points on our extensive global catalog of 20,000+ options like gift cards, travel, experiences, donations, perks & discounts. 
  • Custom rewards - You can also build your own custom catalog like company branded swag, merchandise, lunch with CEO, VIP parking, and more. Get creative - the ideas are endless!


  • Analyze recognition trends in your company according to teams, locations & departments and see how you can motivate employees with these insights. 
  • Check out the savings your employees could make through our perks and discounts.

Gamify employee rewards & recognition with badges, points, certificates, and leaderboards

Motivate employees and improve performance with healthy competitive spirit using game mechanics.

Service Anniversary, Birthdays, Milestones & festivals

  • Never miss a chance to celebrate the special occasions of your employees.
  • Automate rewards & gifting for personal milestones.

With Empuls, your reward points never expire. So you don’t ever need to worry about reward point loss

Seamless integrations with your favorite software

Encourage frequent and timely recognition by integrating with the communication & other tools your employees use.

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