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why empuls?

Fragmented employee engagement solutions don’t work

Low Adoption

Users struggle to cope with multiple solutions with inconsistent interfaces.

Harder Integration

Disconnected solutions can be duck taped together, but are prone to regular breakdowns.

Higher cost & time

Complex implementation and onboarding cycles lead to higher administrative costs.

Reduced ROI

With siloed solutions and fragmented data systems, ROI takes a hit.


With one intuitive platform, bring all your engagement initiatives together


Social Recognition
Greetings & Rewards
Benefits & Savings

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Engagement Survey
Continuous Feedback
Pulse Surveys

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Roles & Goals

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Insights & Analytics
Nudges & Actions

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Simple & Powerful

Built on the Deming cycle for continuous improvement


Plan & deploy initiatives for employee engagement using Xoxoday Empuls.


Using analytics dashboards, analyze feedback and define further actions.


Real time insights for continuous improvements and corrective changes.


Take action by assigning ownership for corrective actions and even autonomously through AI powered intelligent nudges.
Use cases

Influence intrinsic & extrinsic motivation with one solution

Workplace Intranet & Communication

Connect everyone through contextual groups. Enable inclusive & transparent communication. Democratize tribal knowledge.

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Employee Absenteeism &

Identify early indicators of attrition and take corrective actions through continuous feedback, coaching and performance reviews.

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Manager Effectiveness & Team Motivation

Gather feedback proactively or through structured well defined surveys. Understand your teams better, draw quantitative & actionable insights.

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Social Rewards & Recognition Programs

Instill a culture of gratitude. Recognize publicly and frequently and motivate people to deliver their best.

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Employee Lifecycle Surveys

Measure every part of the employee journey. Identify areas that need work and make improvements to track progress through time.

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Financial, Physical & Emotional Wellbeing

Inspire employees by delivering meaningful savings through discounts and perks on their daily expenses, learning and health & wellness.

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integrations & Customization

Get started in a few minutes.
Customize it in a few more.

Configurability & Admin Controls

Simple admin DIY controls for whitelabeling, awards, workflows, access, surveys, notifications and more.

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Seamless Integrations

Integrate with your HRMS, Collaboration tools, SSO seamlessly. Two way integrations for best user experience.

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Plans that scale with your needs

Companies of all sizes love Empuls. Choose the plan which suits your needs best.

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Rewards & Recognition
Nudges & Notifications
Reports & Analytics
Employee Savings & Benefits
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Our employees find it very useful. Xoxoday gives various options for redemption and their platforms are highly user-friendly.
We wanted our employees to aspire for a product, achieve milestones to get reward points and finally buy what they aspired for. Xoxoday helps us achieve exactly that. Our staff attrition has slumped from 8% to 4.7% - and I completely attribute it to the Staff Rewards and Recognition program run through our Xoxoday platform.
Really appreciate the swift communication and support from all the teams. Hope to continue the same.