Employee appreciation and engagement made easy with Empuls for Ramco HRMS!

Keep your employee morale high!

HR teams can now appreciate good work from within Ramco HRMS. Empuls is perfect for HR teams looking to reduce attrition in their workforce.

Gather employee Feedback

Now gauge effective feedback and keep your ears to the ground. Run employee pulse surveys, gauge feedback through eNPS surveys, and measure continuous improvement.

Reward the rockstars!

Recognize your peers, celebrate personal & professional milestones, and do much more.

Global Rewards Catalog

Your staff can now redeem their reward points on our extensive global catalog of 20,000+ options which include gift cards, travel, experiences, donations, perks & discounts.

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Holistic Employee Engagement

Empuls is a one-stop destination for all your employee engagement initiatives. Drive employee experience from the flow of work in Ramco HRMS. You can get employee feedback, run pulse surveys, celebrate birthdays or service anniversaries, recognize peers and reward good performance all from Ramco HRMS seamlessly.

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Why should you choose this integration?

Whilst Ramco HRMS enables HR personnel to simplify their HR processes, Empuls adds value to this functionality by improving employee engagement, productivity, motivation, and performance.

Leaders can now sense the organizational pulse, understand employee sentiments clearly, spot problems early and provide effective solutions much faster.

Now, engage, motivate & reward your teams and employees while collaborating using Ramco HRMS.

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