All work and no play makes jack a dull employee

In this webinar, Ranjitha talks about the importance of employee engagement and how immaculate execution of this intricate plan can bring the best out of them. The nine-to-five & 24x7 work approach is as good as a long drive in summers without an air conditioner, so let's learn to strive for a balance between work and employee engagement to ensure that Jack doesn’t become a dull employee.

In times when managers often stray away from the link between fun elements at work and employee productivity, it is crucial to understand its importance especially in times when an employee-friendly atmosphere is prevalent.After going through this Webinar, you’ll know:

  • How employee engagement, when done right, can bring the best out of the workforce.
  • Why breaks are a nifty tool in channelizing employee’s productivity.
  • While employee agreement brings out professional commitment, employee engagement pulls an intimate and psychological commitment.
  • How to bloom the employees by harnessing their passion and character & leaving their work unaffected.
  • How the clichéd ‘work-life balance’ can become a reality and positively impact the work rate.