Build a holistic wellness and well-being experience for employees

What do the Millennial & Gen-Z workforce care about ? Are companies prepared for the requirements of these important cohorts ?

Today, employees view physical, mental, emotional and financial wellness as an integral part of well-being. Most organizations today follow the traditional route of insurance and health checks as part of their employee well-being strategy.

Corporate wellness experience should no longer be limited to these traditional perks because studies indicate that the Millennial & Gen-Z workforce are more inclined towards well-being and purpose at work compared to earlier generations.

With this in mind organizations should focus more on implementing a comprehensive strategy that deeply integrates health, well-being, engagement and incentives into the overall employee experience.

Key Aspects -
1. Building a holistic employee well-being experience.
2. The importance of aligning physical health, well-being & engagement as part of a wellness strategy.
3. Ways to improve employee productivity and instil inclusion.
4. Ways to decrease absenteeism or burn-out among employees.