Creating a recognition culture that goes beyond office hierarchy

Encourage recognition of work beyond the constraints of the office hierarchy

Employee recognition is a manageable task when you look at it in isolation. But on zooming out, the macro-view is excruciatingly tough to manage  - when it’s placed within the organizational hierarchy. In this webinar, learn how creating a recognition culture is important for an organization. Organizations always strive for better results, wherein the workforce only strives for it when it has a reason to do so.

That’s what you will find in this webinar-- how a recognition culture that goes beyond the office bounds blooms into something extraordinary. Managers have a key role in doing so and it doesn’t happen with a day out or an office party-- there’s more to it than that. The pinnacle of employee happiness is obtained when they are happy in doing what they do and recognition gets them there. The question is, how to reach that point?