Effective communication: unlock the true power of engagement

Unlock the true power of engagement

In today’s times - when you can make or break a person’s day in just a few words in dialogue, text, or simply a semantic signal - it is extremely crucial to use the powerful tool of communication with care. In this webinar, you will get to know how the web of communication is entangled for managers. You’ll even learn how to untangle it for better times. The secret to effective communication doesn’t just lie in the specifics, it’s in your listening skills.

All of us know how to implement communication mechanics and the barriers that one faces while doing so. But what about eradicating those barriers in practicality? Learn it from this webinar along with the following specifics:

  • How to implement the 7 C’s of communication in the corporate mechanism
  • Why listening is a powerful tool that every manager should master
  • How to overcome the barriers of communication on multiple platforms
  • The true mechanics of communication ecosystem