Future trends for rewards & recognition and employee engagement

Work, reward, and recognition.

For a business to go through different phases, it is pivotal to balance the engagement, attraction, and retention of employees. Stakeholders can be classified on a plethora of factors, it’s crucial to take everyone into consideration while engaging them.

Sanchayan Paul and Kushal Agrawal bring their people management  experience to the table and converse over the following topics over this webinar:

  • Macro-economic and social trends of recognition and engagement in times to come.
  • How to cater to multiple employee segments at the same point of time.
  • Striving for unity in diversity with a plethora of cultures in your workforce.
  • Why the ‘Vodafone way’ of rewards went on to become a benchmark from Sanchayan himself.
  • The secret of reward-based recognition lies in employee growth.
  • Evolution of the employee life cycle and its impact on the employee’s psyche.