How to build social media recognition into your employee programs?

Culture of social recognition among your workforce

Social media is often seen as a distraction in the corporate environment, but various pieces of research show that its pros outweigh the cons. An organization with spiffing social media presence that portrays it in good light brings lots of great things with it - in terms of employee recognition, engagement and the brand get a boost by the side.

In this webinar, you will learn why employee recognition is not just a meeting room technique, as social media takes it off the job. Here are a few unmissable points in the webinar that would shine a light on the efficient social media recognition strategy for employees:

  • How to skyrocket employees’ morale with one social media update.
  • Guide to setting up a social media recognition strategy.
  • Drawing the line between social media recognition and office chit chat.
  • How to appoint leaders for social programs.
  • Social media training programs for social program leaders.