HR Resilience Planning and Preparedness in the times of COVID-19

HR Resilience Planning and Preparedness in the times of COVID-19

The Corona virus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has led to massive changes in how organisations operate. The current scenario is unprecedented and it is only natural for organisations to adapt to the changing paradigm. The coronavirus has caused huge disruption to the workplace and has led us to consider new ways of working. From the manner of how to communicate to how we operate, every business process needs to be re-imagined.

This webinar talks about the vital role HR plays in business continuity while the pandemic has forced tens of millions of people to adopt remote working almost overnight. From banking, journalism and government, education and administration, to medical consultations, face-to-face meetings have been replaced by video conferencing, and HR needs to discover new ways to enable employees to continue functioning despite all the challenges. 

You’ll Learn:

HR's role in business continuity in the times of crisis

Discover innovative HR practices that are required for organisations to both survive and revive from the global lockdown.

Redesigning HR process to cope

How to go about redesigning and restructuring the performance management process, benefits and policies from the light of lockdowns and remote working.

Staying in Compliance - legal responsibilities and liabilities

Understand how to stay compliant and ensure legality while  implementing the new processes and work policies.