Managing careers through the art of storytelling

A Platform for people to interact with alternate practitioners

The human psyche learns things quickly when they’re absorbed in the form of well-articulated stories rather than an eternal guide with 10,000 words of text. In this webinar, you will learn how great leaders sway individuals in the right direction of their careers through the art of storytelling. In our culture, storytelling is omnipresent in mythology, cinema, and folklores  - and the reverberations it has are astounding.

Everyone is intrigued by a story that his/her manager narrates at coffee breaks or the cafeteria and there’s a secret to how one can master in those. Apart from that secret, here are some things out of many that you shall learn from this webinar:

  • Does storytelling really have an impact or is it a time-killer?
  • Why should leaders tell stories in the first place?
  • How to bring real stories to life.
  • Changing people’s lives with storytelling.
  • How to convert a mundane dialogue into a snackable story?
  • Impact of storytelling on employee morale and work ethic.