Mistakes that managers make while managing millennials

The workforces start getting dominated by millennials

The millennial culture is trotting around the office space since the latter half of the 2010s and the game zones, bean bags, sleeping pods, and jamming rooms are becoming commonplace. But is that enough gratification for the highflyers to work better and bring results?

In this webinar, learn what mistakes not to make, while managing millennials. Millennials have a different perspective towards work, and they don’t hold back from getting things done quickly What matters is the managerial angle- because the subordinates often gossip about managers at the workplace for the way they manage. This webinar will elucidate the following points:

  • Do’s and don’ts of managing millennials.
  • How to escape from micro-management as a manager.
  • Why one to one interaction holds the key.
  • Drawing a line on flexible work culture.
  • Why mentoring them is better than managing them