Remote Work Series Part 2 of 4: Global Perspectives to Employee Engagement During Work from Home

Remote Work for business continuity and Employee Engagement from Around the World 

Part 2 of the webinar series consisted of a remote work expert panel who brought in deep insights on how the newly begun work from home has spanned out and its challenges. In this virtual gathering of HR leaders from 12 countries, these HR professionals discuss the strategies that have worked the best to seamlessly transition into remote work.

The leaders continue to agree that engaging employees to make them their fully functional selves, amidst all the distractions at home, is one of the biggest challenges the employers face when it comes to having a remote workforce. Timely redressal of issues related to engagement could be key determinants of having a successful lockdown phase for the business.

The speakers of this webinar discuss remote working in depth and share  their own engagement strategies that are yielding results and practices that instill organizational citizenship behavior and belongingness. The very experience of having so many knowledgeable speakers in one (virtual) room, is laudable. 

You’ll Learn:

Effective engagement strategies implementation
Get to know the finer details of how these leaders have confronted the work from home mandate to make the best of lockdowns.

How engagement strategies differ locally
Observe how remote engagement strategies differ with the context of culture, sector and business priorities while leaders from 12 different countries and industries narrate their experiences.

Common grounds of these diverse remote engagement strategies

Understand those common organizational behavior and work engagement grounds that all these cross-national strategies possess, in order to draw the universal aspects of engagement.