Develop More Effective Managers.

Every manager plays a crucial role in building a winning team and culture. Productivity and performance of teams improve with data driven insights, resources & tools for the managers.


Understand your team

Understand the pulse of your team through research designed pulse surveys and anonymous feedback. Understand the key issues leading to team dissatisfaction, productivity issues and turnover. Draw quantitative & actionable insights to bring solutions to any issues.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes


Master 1-on-1s

Schedule, design & hold better conversations with a 1-on-1 tool that helps you easily build trust and develop your people. Ask the right questions to measure what matters for you and the employee. Align the team around clear and shared goals.


Agile actions

Real-time and continuous nudges to take data driven actions. Track engagement trends over time to ensure your initiatives are giving results. Develop trust, collaborate, and drive team performance.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes


Develop as a manager

Receive actionable insights, access to expert resources and guidance to develop yourself as a manager. Timely advice, curated content and nudges to enhance your managerial skills and getting closer to the team.

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