Employee Experience & Lifecycle

Understanding the employee journey to achieve organizational destination

Align your purpose, brand and culture for a winning employee experience. A positive employee experience gets you out of bed on a rainy Tuesday morning, while a negative one might make you consider calling in sick—want to work vs need to work. A well-designed employee experience with Xoxoday Empuls ensures that your biggest assets, employees, are set up for success before, during, and after their tenure at your company.

Xoxoday makes everyday work conversations effortless and more productive

Instant messaging, groups, feeds, announcements, greetings and badges, tags, Voice Bot, Surveys & more

Groups And Communities

Publish, organise and upload topic wise documents and information. Control the versions of communications and create need based subscriber groups.

Greetings And Badges

Celebrate personal and professional milestones through greetings, badges, value cards, tags, appreciation notes, team cards and more.


Complete the loop of communication by receiving real time feedback on announcements and news. Accept pulse surveys to understand the general reception of an announcement.

Help Employees Reward & Recognise

Voice Enabled AI bot

Use voice enabled AI as a self help for all organisational communication archives. The AI bot searches through vast communication data and retrieves relevant results.


Ensure internal communications are bilateral by assessing the pulse of the employees. Run surveys after major communication campaigns to deeply understand its impact.