Full control over your growth hacks

Boost your campaigns with incentives to get people to fall in love with your brand and take that next step in their buying journey. Transform a regular prospect into a happy customer and brand advocates with personalised gifts that delivers delight!

Digital disruption has brought in a big shift - thinking out-of-the-box needs a whole new approach!

The digital age has made it easy to reach out to customers and prospects directly and daily. As a result, more often than not marketers ask for consumers’ attention without much upfront benefit and 90% of the ads go unnoticed.

So how do you break through the noise and connect with people on a human level throughout the buyer’s journey?

Digital Rewards: The secret weapon to stand out

Marketers need to offer what is “perceived as valuable” to the customers. A well-timed and well-placed personalized e-gift can create that tangible upfront value and be the difference between a sale and another missed opportunity.

When running your reward programs with Xoxoday, you can set up workflows and trigger and get access to a global catalog of over 21,000 rewards from over 20+ different categories. We make the reward gratification experience delightful for end users.

Transforming behaviours and spreading delight to 2M+ users with 5000+ businesses

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Digital noise can be a pain. We kill that pain!

Showing a personalised ad can get your audience to pay attention. But sending them a unique gift, personalised voucher can hold their attention and help you stand out of the crowd. Get that elusive landing page form fills or the webinar registration you need! Experience a significant improvement in your MQL.

Just had a great demo? Now accelerate sales velocity

Sending your audience a case study or a video is great, but giving them a personalised gift is even better! Keep your leads engaged and move them down the funnel. Create urgency with great offers. Deliver instant gratification experience and increase your SQL.

Acquired a great customer? Now turn first-time purchasers into loyal customers

Delight your happy customers by going beyond the traditional monetary perk. Our rewards infrastructure can help you send out points, payouts, benefits, personalised to your customer’s need.
Turn your loyal customers into your brand advocates.

Possibilities are endless - limited only by your imagination!

The backbone of the entire marketing team on a global scale. Xoxoday makes it extremely simple for companies worldwide to run scalable rewards programs and get better business ROIs & higher performance for any marketing initiatives.

Design creative consumer promotion campaigns with rewards

Download this guide to learn how you can use digital rewards to:

  • Boost campaign conversions
  • Turn cold leads into hot
  • Utilize seasonal opportunities
  • Increase average customer spends
  • Boost sales during slow periods
  • Improve CLV

Security and compliance
at the core

Xoxoday platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business and keep payouts safe.

Encryption of sensitive data
HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections
Vulnerability disclosure and reward programme

Application security guaranteed

For all customers, data is isolated in separate applications, preventing any leakage or exchange of information.
All customer's data is encrypted at rest including: user email addresses, user passwords, and API keys.
In our API, we support OAuth authentication and a UI for revoking tokens.
All changes to the code and infrastructure are reviewed to ensure they follow best practices and security guidelines (such as OWASP).

Support that No One Can Beat in the Industry

Our support team consists of technical experts who act like your partners. You can count on us everytime you feel you need a human to resolve for your smallest to biggest queries.