Enhance CX and brand affinity with delightful rewards

Digital consumers demand more, and expect something special every time they deal with a brand. Failing to meet the ever-shifting customer behavior and expectations or inability to provide seamless experiences can affect your business negatively. Take the advantage of a robust reward gratification infrastructure to transform your shoppers into brand advocates.

Spreading delight to 2M+ users with 5000+ businesses

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The cost of a bad experience is higher than you think

71% of customers end a business relationship due to poor customer experience and 66% of them will consider switching to a competitor if things weren’t right. Customer loyalty is a key predictor of the long-term viability of the business. Negative customer service not just affects the entire Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) but also impacts both loyalty and brand image.

Don’t let competitors steal your customers

The new landscape for customer experience is defined by agility, speed, and personalization. Be ready to meet today’s redefined, higher customer experience standards by having an omnichannel strategy in place and there’s no better way to do this than rewards.

Positive customer experiences can stir up strong emotions and create relationships that last

Xoxoday is here at your rescue to not just create memorable experiences for your customers but also at a much lower cost. Incentivize the purchases of your regular customers via instant payout and shower them with innumerable choices by enabling them to choose from 21000+ reward-rich global catalog that’s spread across 20+ categories.

Get real-time insights to data

Have access to a simple yet detailed report that provides you with better insights to data and analytics. Calculate rewards, manage payouts, track reward redemptions, and more. Keep an eye on key metrics for informed decisions.

Integrate API seamlessly

Automate your rewards program by integrating it with our powerful API in a few minutes. We provide unprecedented control for companies to not just manage catalogs but also give out benefits and rewards with ease. Save both money and time.

Personalize your message

Add a special touch by customizing your reward email with a personalized message that brings smiles and happiness to your customers. Deliver value by adding your brand name, logo, and creative imagery with it.

Curate custom rewards catalog

Get access to a global catalog that features 21000+ reward options from 20+ different categories including brand vouchers, experiences, egift cards, wellness, merchandise, subscriptions, perks and more. Curate rewards based on your business needs.

Automated and distributed


worth digital gifts within a few clicks

Great choice of rewards with extensive options to redeem from.

Global coverage is amazing!