Supercharge your fleet with timely Incentives and Rewards

A large fleet helps you cover a wider network, but it is the timely incentives that motivate your drivers to go the extra mile in delivering value for your fleet business. Embrace our technology to automate your fleet rewards, send personalized driver incentives, and disburse fuel payouts in minutes.

High driver turnover is extremely costly!

Driver shortage is one of the biggest challenges in fleet management. With a 92% high driver turnover rate and acquisition cost, it's time for fleet businesses, big or small, to have a reward & incentive program in place to increase driver happiness and ROI. 

Good pay alone isn’t just enough!

Good pay and good work aren’t just enough for a driver. It’s the little things that matter. Driver retention begins with recognizing and rewarding a job well done. Create exclusive incentive programs to send rewards based on their objective metrics such as fuel saving, consecutive days of driving without any collision, route optimization, driving behavior, or on-time delivery.

Rewarding your fleet delivers business value

Better driver retention rates

Reward & Incentive programs bolster training, change driver behaviors, and enhance fleet culture. When your people feel valued they are more likely to stay. Eventually, increasing your driver retention rates.

Prevents fuel fraud & delivery delays

Driver incentives are a great way to help fleet operators strengthen their relationships with their workforce. This, in turn, reduces fuel fraud, misuse, and slippage.

Safer roadways & reduced accidents

Giving driver Incentives for good driving behavior increases road safety, When you reward your drivers for every job well done, it dramatically enhances the successful adoption and efficacy of business policies.

5000+ businesses supercharge their workforce with us

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Use Xoxoday’s robust platform to automate your fleet Rewards

Set up special programs such as ‘driver of the month’ to reward your fleet drivers for increased productivity, efficiency, and maintaining better work relationships with their fleet managers and peers. Rewarding the efforts of your fleet drivers doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. Automate and send fleet rewards & incentives in minutes with Xoxoday.
Automate your campaigns to reward your loyal drivers. Set up custom workflows & triggers to either send payouts to selected drivers instantly or bulk upload your driver database and schedule them during specific goal achievements.
Leverage our integrations to send fleet rewards from the flow of work. No complicated code or developer required. Integrate seamlessly with your existing applications to deliver smarter payouts.
Generate reports in a single click directly from the dashboard to monitor spends and track redemptions across multiple geographies. Monitor the whole lifecycle—from delivery to redemption—to measure every data insight.

Keep your fleet drivers happy and motivated with amazing Incentives

Create exclusive incentive programs to reward your fleet drivers for their good performance. Explore Xoxoday’s extensive global catalog to curate from 5000+ brands & 21000+ gift options, spread across 20+ diverse categories. Send personalized digital gifts via codes or links instantly to make your drivers happy.

A holistic payout solution that every fleet business needs today

Get access to Xoxoday’s global payments platform to enable your business to send digital prepaid cards, VISA cards, Mastercards, or brand gift cards instantly. Our solution is developed to be truly geo-agnostic.

Cross-border distribution

We know the importance of quick reward distribution in the digital era. That’s why our omnichannel delivery includes multiple options for convenience—email, SMS, WhatsApp, and QR Code.

Multi-language support

No matter in which part of the world your fleet business operates from, you and your drivers will be able to access our platform in your preferred language.

Multi-currency options

Send rewards to your fleet drivers in their local currency to help them redeem the value. With our in-built currency conversion, it is no more a hassle.

How it works

Sending rewards or gifts with Xoxoday’s platform is easy and instant.

You share

Send personalized ‘Xoxo Codes’ or ‘Xoxo Points’ via SMS or email.

They choose

Let your loyal employees pick what they think is the best reward.

Spread delight!

Make them feel highly valued for their long years of commitment.

Automated and distributed


worth digital gifts within a few clicks

Great choice of rewards with extensive options to redeem from.
Global coverage is amazing!

We take privacy & security seriously

Encryption of sensitive data
HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections
Data security with GDPR compliance