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Xoxoday Plum: Your ideal alternative to TangoCard

Xoxoday Plum and TangoCard are both digital platforms that allow businesses to offer rewards and incentives to their employees, customers, and partners. Cannot decide between two? We've compiled a detailed comparison of the two platforms to help you make an informed decision.

Does TangoCard have all you need? 

A limited reward catalog of only 700+ options, Single mode for reward delivery, No dedicated customer success manager, and lack of native integrations make it inevitable to look for alternatives.

Here is what Xoxoday Plum offers:

Largest global reward catalog
1 million + reward options
Unmatched customer support
Transparent pricing
Standalone scalable APIs
Native Integrations


Decrease in the Cost of Acquisition


Better returns on ad spend for a FMCG organization


Decrease in employee retention


Increase in customer referrals in a custom loyalty campaign

What's the difference?

Feature Comparison

When looking for an alternative, you should strive for a holistic feature-rich reward and incentive platform that gives you a universe of gift cards. It should not only increase your ROI but also delight your employees, customers and partners. Let’s look at how Xoxoday Plum and TangoCard compare in specific categories.


Link-based rewarding API
Point-based rewarding API
Storefront API (Redemption)
Brand Voucher API

Global Catalog

Auto-localised gift card options
Gift Cards
Cash & Prepaid Cards
Charity & donations
Total options
International gift card options  
(As available on the public domain)
Australia: 17
France: 29
UK: 34
Philippines: 16
U.S.A: 245
France: 61
UK: 205
U.S.A: 433
META: 742
APAC: 1699


Customized reports
Multi-user reporting
Individual transaction reporting

Customer support

Dedicated round the sun redemption support
In-app & email support only
Onboarding assistance
Dedicated CSM


Bulk rewarding capabilities
Link based rewarding
Points based rewarding
Code based rewarding
SMS Delivery
Email Delivery

Costs and Fees

Customization cost
Credit Card transaction fee
Reward link issuance fee
$0.25 per link
Refund of unclaimed rewards fee
0.25% of reward value

Xoxoday Plum - Highly Acclaimed by critics and users alike

Self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use
The platform is self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use. The value addition came in with the ability to create landing pages that triggered to show localised rewards, which helped our business in driving engagement. I also appreciate the excellent reward redemption support that you guys provided.
Responsive teams with 100% uptime
Xoxoday has been very responsive so far, be it resolving an urgent contingency or any requirement. Its APIs were very responsive with 100% uptime.
Rewarding for HRs, Delightful for employees
Accenture- Recognition is beyond any financial compensation any person can receive, as it becomes such a wholesome moment for that individual and makes their time at the organization worthwhile.
A superpower for growth marketers
Xoxoday is that superpower that every growth marketer can do so much more with!. Xoxoday has been a great value addition to Xero. We achieved a 20% growth year on year and it's a brilliant performance for us.

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