What can be done to maintain employee focus in the midst of crisis and negativity

Xoxoday | Webinar on nurturing employee future amidst a global crisis

What can be done to maintain employee focus in the midst of crisis and negativity

Uncertainty is uncomfortable for everyone. Whether it’s due to a pandemic or due to a restructuring at your company, employees who are concerned about their future are likely to be distracted and unproductive. 

In this webinar, an expert panel from across India come together to discuss how each of their companies have faced the COVID-19 uncertainty. Learn how managers need to tackle this uncertainty and how their teams should handle it. Despite volatility, rapid changes and turmoil how can employees  help their team members to remain focussed in order to deliver their job functions. 

You’ll Learn:

How to normalize stress

Destigmatising stress amongst team members by understanding that it is a common physiological response to uncertainty

Encourage employee wellbeing

Increase employees’ sense of control over their actions and work schedule and encourage people to take care of themselves.

Managing effectiveness, efficiency and delivery

Create a coping HR strategy that ensures the employees are capable of driving business continuity.

Featured speakers:

Parul Mathur Saxena
Head HR at Tradeindia.com
Aparna Sharma
Management consultant and Independent Director, Guest editor of the people management.
Taruna Lohmror
Vice President - HR & Admin at Xoxoday
Sushil Tripathi
Head-HR ( Garment & Retail Business) Siyaram Silk Mills
Dr. Nirmal Singh Rana
Associate Vice President - Human Resources & Administration, Fena Pvt Ltd
Sampath kumar
Vice President and BHR Global Sales Training, Lapp Holding AG
Dr. Rakshita Shharma
Vice President Human Capital,Bobble AI Technologies